Thursday, February 9, 2012

Operation Beautiful Finale!

Hello lovely friends!  Sadly, this is the last round of beautiful women to finish up Operation Beautiful.  I want to thank each and every one of you brave enough to participate!  I would love to do this again in the near future with some new faces, so let me know if you are ever interested!
I feel most beautiful when... I'm meditating. When I'm meditating, I detach from this physical form, with its imperfects and idiosyncrasies.  It's silly in a way, but when I can forget all about my body, I actually feel my best.  I feel beautiful, calm, joyful, and whole.

My favorite physical feature is my... eyes.  Somehow, they came out spotted---green with brown flecks.  They are subtle, but awesome.  I have friends whom I've known for years who will stop mid-sentence and say "Oh my gosh....your eyes.  You have spots in your eyes.  How have I never noticed that before?!"

Something non-physical that I love about myself is... my confidence.  I'm pretty self reliant and {deep, down somewhere} I know I can solve any problem or find the answer I'm looking for.  I'll stick with it until I do, but I always have faith in myself and can easily convince others to put their confidence in me.
I'm happiest when... it's a beautiful summer morning.  The sunshine wakes us up, but we laze around in bed for a bit, because there's no reason to jump up and start the day.  We invite the dogs to join us for a snuggle.  Our biggest decisions are where we'll go for breakfast...and whether we should hit the dog park or the beach.
I feel most beautiful when... I'm feeling confident. How you feel on the inside has a huge impact on how you feel outside. For instance: I have confident days when it doesn't matter what I'm wearing or how much make up I have on. I look in the mirror and think, "I'm beautiful". Then I have my off days when I don't even want to look in the mirror. I think there is a healthy balance in feeling both.

My favorite physical feature is my... eyes. I get compliments on them often. They seem to change color depending on what I wear or my surroundings.

Something non-physical that I love about myself is... my sense of humor. People tend to think that I am a serious person because, at first impression, I come off as shy. But I love to laugh and be silly.

I'm happiest when... I have my daughter on my hip and my fiance holding my hand.
I feel most beautiful when... my hair is down, I am wearing a little bit of makeup, I have on leggings, boots, an oversized sweater and holding hands with my husband.

My favorite physical feature is my... my eyes.  On days I wear eye makeup, they really stand out and give me a little boost of confidence.

Something non-physical that I love about myself is... I am dedicated.  Dedicated to my husband, Little Blue Feather, friendships, daily routines, and taking care of my pups. 
I'm happiest when... I am with my husband, family and friends.  They always put a smile on my face!
I feel most beautiful when... my husband looks at me.  Not just a passing glance kinda look, or a "tacos for dinner again??" kinda look, but when he really stops to look at me.  At that moment I can see in his eyes the thoughts that are running through his mind and I know that he truly sees me.  And that he loves what he sees.  That's when I feel most beautiful.

My favorite physical feature is my... eyes.

Something non-physical that I love about myself is... my ability to just go with it.  I'm not a big planner or naturally very detail oriented {sometimes to my detriment I suppose}, I'm not a worrier or one to sweat the small stuff.  I like taking things one step at a time.  While this characteristic will most likely never get me the position of editor at Vogue, I think I'm a happier person for it and it allows me to truly enjoy life. {It also suits the role of mama to a toddler pretty well too}.

I'm happiest when... I'm with my two favorite guys.  Whether that means the three of us are all snuggled up at home watching a little guy movie {about cars, dinosaurs, or trains of course} or taking a day trip to the beach.  Wherever they are is exactly where I want to be.
I feel most beautiful when... I feel at ease. When I'm reading, sipping on delicious coffee and relaxing, I feel the prettiest. No makeup, jeans and a pretty sweater make up my uniform when I'm rested and happy...that's when I feel most beautiful.

My favorite physical feature is my... My hair is my thing. People actually ask me if everything is OK if my hair looks sad, that's how much I identify with it!

Something non-physical that I love about myself is... How much I enjoy cute pictures of fuzzy animals. I'm glad that I have a definite go-to if I ever need cheering up and that it's such a simple thing. A cute puppy picture will fix me up, anytime.

I'm happiest when... I'm writing. Or making something. I'm happiest when I'm using my brain! Or, eating bacon.
I feel most beautiful when... I've accomplished something that I worked really hard on.

My favorite physical feature is my... calves! : )  I have run three marathons and am proud of my legs for getting me through them!

Something non-physical that I love about myself is... that I am really determined.  If I set my mind on something I will commit to it and finish it. 

I'm happiest when... I am home and with my husband!  He is the best man to be married to and tells me all the time that he got lucky to marry me. (Thankfully, I feel the same way!)

Thanks to the lovely Lindsay for having me!


Meghan said...

I absolutely love this project! If you ever want to do another run of it, I am all for it! Just let me know :)


diary of this girl - megan said...

this was such a great project shane! i have loved following :) these girls are truly beautiful! as are you!!

bobbi said...

Thank you so much for doing this!! I'm loving reading through everyone's!

Katie said...

I love this. If you plan to do it again, I'll gladly participate :)

Holly said...

What gorgeous and awesome women you profiled! :) I think my favourite one was Bobbi's comment about the bacon. :P

Just dropping by from #FF. :)

Anna said...

I would love to see you do this again I really enjoyed it :)

Christina May Andrews said...

This is GREAT and so fun to bring so many people together. I love it. Your profile picture is so pretty.

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I'm a new comer to your blog but I am so captivated and inspired by these women and this project! I hope you do end up doing more <3

Rachel said...

What a wonderful project! Bless you for celebrating the true beauty of women.


Julie Marie said...

just found your blog through Lauren Rebecca... =) i love this idea... what a great way to recognize beauty...

Dani said...

I'm new to your blog, but I love, love, love this series.

I'm following you on BlogLovin'!

Heather said...

love this series! thanks for linking up :)

Emily said...

This was such a beautiful project....I'm glad I got to participate! Everyone's responses are so wonderful :)