Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to: Feng Shui your Bedroom

I've always been interested in the art of Feng Shui, so decided to spend the day discovering how to achieve that perfect balance.  Here I break it down for you in 8 simple steps!
  1. Get rid of the TV, computer and exercise equipment.
  2. Open the windows often or use a purifier to keep air fresh and full of oxygen.
  1. Have several levels of lighting in your bedroom, or use a dimmer switch to adjust energy accordingly.
  2. Use soothing colors: A balanced decor promotes the best flow of energy for restorative sleep, as well as sexual healing. Choose the Feng Shui colors according to the energy you need and bring them to your space through wall color, art, photography.
If you desire
Passion and energy, use Fire colors: 
Red, Orange, Purple, Pink, Strong Yellow
 Nourishment and stability in your relationships, use Earth tones:
Light Yellow, Beige

             Clarity and preciseness, use Metal colors:
 Gray, White
           Calmness, ease, purity, and abundance, use Water tones: 
Blue, Black
           Health, vitality, and growth use Wood elements:
Brown, Green
  1. Choose photographs for your bedroom which will relax you.
  2. Keep all the doors closed at night: closet, bathroom, bedroom.
  3. Guidelines for placing your bed: The farther you sleep from the door and the more of the room you see while in bed, the more you can feel in control of your environment and, therefore, your life.
  • Make it easily approachable from both sides.  Placing it directly against a side wall can make you feel cramped, stifled, and less flexible in life.
  • Place a nightstand on each side of the bed to ensure grounded and balanced energy.
  • Avoid having the bed in a direct line with the doorway.  The chi of the door will run too powerfully up the middle of the bed, creating diseases along the midline of the body.
  • Do not place the bed under a window, but rather a sturdy supporting wall behind it.
  • No sharp angles from wall or furniture corners pointing at you while you sleep.
  • No mirror facing your bed.
  • No beams, ceiling fans, or chandeliers above your bed.  A soft canopy is acceptable.
  • The bed should sit as far from the bedroom door as possible. If the door is on the left, the best position is the far right corner of the room, etc. The farther your bed sits from the door, the more control you can feel over your space and your life. You aren't startled easily, and you have plenty of time to prepare for events as they unfold.
8.  Eliminate any unnecessary clutter!

Today, I challenge you to go transform the bedroom into your very own Oasis! It truly should serve as you personal sanctuary, offering a reprieve from our chaotic world.


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Alyssa Kaylee said...

I love this! I definitely needed this kick to get me going on re-organizing my room. Thanks!!

Felicia said...

Shane- Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :) Also I love this post! I'm sooo into Feng Shui so it is so very cool to see this post! I'm thinking of doing a Feng Shui series on my blog soon! I look forward to following your blog! Have a lovely day!

Peace & love,


His Little Lady said...

really wishing i could do this to my room, but i don't have enough space. boo.
xo TJ

Benlovesting said...

This sounds really good! It is quite usedul

Katie said...

i like the water tones bedroom!

Jen said...

When my fella and I moved in to our new apartment, we unknowingly did all of these things to our bedroom! And it's so true! After re-doing the room using neutral colours, pops of red, paper lanterns and black and white photos of places we'd like to travel, the room literally exudes calm and I even find I get a better night's sleep! :)

Amanda said...

Interesting tips. We don't get much room to move things around, but I do like keeping the door closed. We have windows that tilt in so I like to leave them open occasionally and we usually have the ceiling fan on the circulate air. We decided not to put a TV in the bedroom. It means we now have an extra TV we aren't using, but also that my husband doesn't leave it on to 'fall asleep' to. Our ceiling fan has a couple levels which I like but I miss my lamp with a dimmer switch (it's got American plugs and we're in Germany)

Artha Arihta said...

I'll try this at my bed room! Seriously i love this, thanks for share!

p.s: you have an amazing blog!

Karin Wyrmfire said...

Never sleep with your head towards a mirror. Second picture is very unuseful