Friday, December 13, 2013

14 Signs You're the Most Awkward Girl at the Party

Move over Cosmo Mag, new editor in chief here reporting for duty! Does that headline up above not look like one you'd find in the "Life & Relationships" section of your December issue of Cosmopolitan? They offer the ultimate blogging inspo, let me tell you.

I'm not sure many girls in this world can top the awkwardness I take things to on a daily basis. I whole-heartedly believe that Zooey Deschanel on New Girl is my spirit animal. Now here's how to tell if you too are the token awkward girl at the party.

1. You ask "who do you know here" to anyone you're not familiar with. People no longer have the desire to "meet" you and become friends.
2. You talk loudly at the most inopportune moments. Also known as foot in mouth syndrome.
3. Trip over floor, end up with black eye.

4. You think the tongue out, peace sign, duck face are still socially acceptable photo material. Spoiler: They're not. Despite the recent release of social networks, where you'll inevitably be tagged the next day.
5. You drink your beer from a straw, out of mason jars, with ice.
6. Queen of the Irish Exit. Not familiar?

7. Your choice in halloween costumes don't allow you to see out of your eyes, yet forces you be handcuffed in the local ice cream joint.
 8. You get caught scouring the fridge for snacks to sober up when you've drank too much.
9. You tweet irrelevant song lyrics that come on that seem relevant in the moment. Regret come morning and delete said tweets.
10. Your eyes are open for 1 out of every 5 pictures taken. Blame the flash.
11. You can't dance. Begin to think otherwise.

12. You wear a fedora, then proceed to use the word "fedorable" throughout the night. #Obnoxious
13. Text your ex before your ex to ask how his physics project is going. Something he's I'm sure totally worried about at 12am on a Saturday...

14. You make friends with the dog when all other human interaction fails. 
Or even take up knitting...
I'm so awkward that I made this list a round thirteen long, who does that???
The master-mind, Erin has done it again... Wanna be a celeb for a day along with us? Go fill out the quiz and play along with us! 

Top 5 Awkward Leading Ladies:
(that make me feel less bad about myself...)

1. Zooey Daeschanel

2. J Law

3. T Swizzle
4. Amy Poehler

5. Tina Fey

ps. If you haven't yet seen New Girl on Netflix, it is a must binge watch if you're snowed in anytime soon!
Thanks for tuning in folks!
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Tammy Jo said...

OMG your eye!!! Bless your heart

Shannon Quigley said...

YOU.............Are awesome! and hilarious!

Whitney Vass said...

Hahahahaha seriously dying. You are amazing!


Nerline Germain said...

Very funny post. I loved it.

Harlynn said...

Haha, I love this!
It's so true though...


Kenzie S said...

Love this post! I can relate to quite a few of those. And now I am really curious about the meaning behind your blog name. New Girl is a great show!

2justByou said...

Life would be so boring without awkward ladies! That beer in the mason jar with straw & ice is pretty cute. Who had that at a party?!?
This was a really fun post!

Emilie Bordeleau-Laroche said...

What a black eye! That's crazy! I'm definitely guilty of a few of those...

the florkens said...

I almost spit out my hot tea reading #12 -- that is NOT obnoxious! It is the most "fedorable" thing I've ever read... And now I need a fedora so it can be my new thing.


Sunshine and Sinatra said...

9&13 are me. gosh darn it.

Allison Lizer said...

This post is perfect! I am also enjoying the comments and seeing how many of us can relate to the "awkward girl at the party". I'm a total fan of making friends with the dog though.

Alexandra Marie said...

This post is hilarious. My dancing definitely scares people away. I have also worn a cone on my head as well as other random objects.

Jenna Guizar said...

This is BEYOND good. Loved every second. Glad I found you at the Sharefest :)

Thanks for giving me the laughs I needed this morning!


AwesomelyOZ said...

lol I'm pretty awkward myself - I don't engage in as many of these as you but I do a decent job of being slick. I'm an expert at the Irish exit - have been nicknamed the Stealth by various employers because they NEVER sense me coming and I always freak them out. I figure if someone tries to break into my home one day (lord forbid) I have a sneaky advantage. I have seen commercials for New Girl but have never sat down to watch an entire episode. As a proud Netflix subscriber - I will put it on my top 'To Watch' list. :) Have a great one Shane and yes you look Fedorable indeed! -Iva

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

"You tweet irrelevant song lyrics that come on that seem relevant in the moment." hahaah... YES!


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