Sunday, January 12, 2014

Operation Beautiful V.21

As expected, I received overwhelming interest in my Operation Beautiful project. Thus, the showcase will roll out 3 lovely ladies each Monday until I stop receiving entries...hopefully never!

This project is to make you think, ponder, appreciate the simple things about yourself, that add up and make you truly beautiful. The smaller qualities that you adore about yourself, like your lips or eyes, that make you feel pretty on the worst of days.

This project is about your talents, your secret hidden abilities, your amazing personalities. Those quirks which make you, uniquely you. And, I sincerely hope that after you read through the finished product to discover how these other ladies feel about themselves, you can spend the rest of the day, sincerely feeling great about yourself.

If you feel vulnerable, insecure, or hesitant to send in an entry, don't be! We're in this together. It will hopefully make you realize a few things about yourself. This will by far be one of my favorite posts I'll ever do on this blog, and I won't even write it, you guys will. Take it away ladies!
I feel most beautiful when I laugh. I think laughter works the best on everyone and I love making myself and others laugh.

My favorite physical feature is my... Eyes. They change colors so I always look a little different plus they are a good portion of my face.
Something non-physical that I love about myself is...That when I have something on my mind I don't stop until I finish it, all of it and it's most perfect form. Kinda OCD and perfectionist speaking.
I'm happiest when...At the end of a full day when I get to think about what I accomplished on my to do list, fun or non fun.
I feel most beautiful when I get all dolled up. There's just something about looking my best that makes me feel confident!

My favorite physical feature is my... Hair or eyes. I'm lucky to have long, thick hair and my blue eyes are a lot less common than other colors, so I like that!
Something non-physical that I love about myself is...My love for helping other people. Acts of service is definitely one of my love languages and I just love lending a helping hand to those around me!
I'm happiest when... I'm surrounded by family! There's always so much laughter and fun--there's nothing like it!
I feel most beautiful when I'm smiling, laughing, wearing cute clothes and jewelry, and just being myself.
My favorite physical feature is my... eyes and hair. My hair has natural gold/blonde highlights in it and when it's sunny out, that's when the color really shows.

Something non-physical that I love about myself funny, caring I am, and how I can bake like it's nobody's business.
I'm happiest when... I'm with my fiance, traveling, blogging, writing, baking, eating frozen yogurt or ice cream, and just being my quirky fun self.

Interested on being featured in future rounds?
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Jenny Fish said...

I love this idea! As someone who spent several years of her life feeling neither worthy or beautiful, it's projects like these that speak to me. It's so easy to see the beauty in others, but we're usually blind to the beauty in ourselves. Have you seen the recent Dove commercial/project with the sketch artist that shows this? Thanks for doing this!

Hope said...

This is such an amazing idea. It's a small thing, yet powerful. I hope other women enjoy this as much as I do, and find the value in it as they are faced with finding the beauty in themselves. :)

jackie jade said...

such an awesome idea - love this!
-- jackie @ jade and oak

AwesomelyOZ said...

This is a great segment and will help others focus on positive attributes versus the negative - which is so much easier to do. Have a great one Shane! -Iva

Life with Amberly said...

I just discovered your blog and this series thanks to a tweet about your Coast to Coast Bloggers and a blog friend talking about how much she loved this Operation Bloggers! I can't wait to get to know you better and I'm going to go sign up to be featured right now!


Annabel Krantz said...

This is such a beautiful idea. As someone who has some issues with how I look, I think this kind of initiative is fantastic - you're amazing, for spreading the positivity. I signed up! I'll send you a photo :)