10 Tips for Making Money When Traveling Internationally

If you are contemplating traveling to a foreign country, or foreign countries, you may also be thinking about ways in which you can make money while you travel. There are a variety of ways in which you can earn money while traveling. Through this article, you are presented with 10 money making tips when traveling internationally.

Teach English

The demand for teachers and tutors versed in English is strong. This is the case in virtually every country the world over. In many cases, you do not require any special certification. You need only be a native speaker of the language.

Resort Jobs

Resorts across the globe oftentimes hire staff from other countries, particularly English speaking individuals, for various positions. These include restaurant jobs, positions in the entertainment and recreation areas, and at the front desk.

Hostel Jobs

Many hostels are interested in trading work for a free place to sleep at night. In other words, you work for a few hours a day, perhaps at reception or on the cleaning crew, and you get a free bed for the night.

Freelance Work Online

If you’ve a particular skill, talent, or aptitude, you can make money while traveling internationally via the internet. This includes work like freelance writing, website design, graphic design, and other revenue generating efforts. Ideally, you will have established yourself as a freelancer before you begin your internationally journey. In other words, you will want to have clients lined up before you travels begin. You don’t want to expend an inordinate amount of time trying to find work while you are traveling.

Travel Blogging

Travel blogging is not likely to earn your a fortune. However, traveling blogging while on an international trek can be a way in which you generate at least some extra cash while traveling internationally. You may want to focus your travel blog on a specific niche. For example, you might want to do something basic like highlight different hotels. With that said, you might be better served by specializing in writing about traveler friendly eateries you identify as you are on your international trek.

Affiliate Marketing

The key to making some money via affiliate marketing while on an international tip is to do your homework. You need find a niche that best suits you when it comes to affiliate marketing. As with blogging, you need to avoid having misconceptions that you will be swimming in money by affiliate marketing. The goal needs to be using it as a means of having some extra cash while traveling.

Selling Goods Online

Selling products online is another potential way you can make some money while you travel. You might have your own handmade items that you can sell. You can set up your own shop at an online venue like eBay, or a similar sales outlet. You need to make sure that you have shipping covered so that a customer does not experience in inordinate delay in getting an item you sold because you are on the road. Depending on what you sell, you might not have to do all that much business to provide you revenue necessary to support your travels.


Although you more than likely won’t paid any money for housesitting while traveling, you can get free lodging. You need to be proactive and plan out your housesitting strategy well in advance of departing to a destination. There are people who’ve been very successful in trading housesitting for a free place to stay in different countries the world over. Some housesitting gigs are for a few days. Others extend for weeks.

Work Remotely

The number of people who work remotely is increasing with each passing year. You may be able to find a position that permits working remotely. This provides you with what likely proves to be a solid stream of revenue to help underwrite your international travels. Keep in mind that your current employer may permit you to work remotely. You may simply need to ask. What is more likely, you will need to make the case to your employer about how you being able to work remotely will benefit the company.

Au Pair or Nanny

A final idea for making money while traveling internationally is getting hires as an au pair or nanny. This type of situation do vary, but you are likely to get free lodging and a weekly paycheck. Of course, you will be required to take care of a family’s child or children for a specific amount of time each week. However, you will have free time explore the country in which you stay.

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