Month: May 2017


6 Healthy Eating Tips for Your Family

  As a wife and mother, getting your entire family to adopt healthy eating habits can be tricky. You visualize a healthier future for everyone in your household. However, there’s one thing that’s standing in the way: Your partner or kids’ resistance to limit or give up junk foods. We […]

Happy Relationship Secrets

The Secret to Good Relationships

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to a good relationship?  I have always felt that relationships were the most important thing in life.  It seems that everyone wants to have good relationships but most don’t know how to make them work. The secret is kindness.  We don’t always […]


How Colour can affect Mental and Physical Health

The close connection between colour and well-being is evident in the many expressions that describe mental and physical states with colour. Someone can say they are in a black mood, feeling blue, green with envy, or in the pink, and everybody knows exactly what they mean. Colours have deep meanings […]


The Rising Cost of Beauty

As many of you will agree, the cost of make up and beauty products has definitely increased in price. Whilst there are more products on the market and sure there are more cheaper options than there has ever been, the premium products seem to be increasing. Fantastic marketing by companies […]