5 Reasons Fort Kochi Should Be on Every Traveller’s List

Every traveller has different expectations from their travel destinations. Some of us are interested in witnessing cultural diversities while the others find history more intriguing. Some seek adventure while others are in search of serenity. If you are a solo traveller, it does not make any difference, but if you are planning to go on a trip with your family or friends, different choices may create confusion.

Don’t worry! We are here to dispel off your confusions. There are travel destinations that cater to the needs of every type of travellers; Fort Kochi (or simply Kochi) being the one! Let’s see top 5 reasons that make Fort Kochi a must-have-destination on every traveller check list.

For lovers of diverse traditions and cultures

Kochi is called the melting pot of different cultures. You can find a great mix of diverse cultures in Kochi with remarkable hues of Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Jews and Indian cultural heritage.

Kochi is a city that knows the art of preserving diverse traditions that too with peace and harmony.

This small dot on the vast map of India is a house for over 30 communities speaking 16 different languages staying together peacefully.

For the History Buffs

The diverse culture of Kochi is a clear evidence of its rich history. There are remains of forts and palaces built with architectural expertise of Portuguese, Dutch and Jews. You can visit Fort Emmanuel to which Fort Kochi owes its name. Apart from the fort, there are many historical buildings and monuments like Mattancherry Palace, Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, St. Francis Church (the resting ground of Vasco Da Gama), The Jewish Synagogue, Jain temple and Bishops house to name a few.

There are many museums that give a complete historical account of Kochi. History buffs what are you waiting for? Just book your flight ticket from Delhi to Kochi and visit the paradise of historical buildings as soon as possible!

For artist and art lovers

Unlike most cities in India Kochi is a heartwarming place for artists as well as art lovers. If you are visiting Fort Kochi, you cannot afford to miss the performance of artists at the Kerala Kathakali Centre near the Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica. Here you will not only get a chance to see Kathakali and other traditional dance styles but also local forms of martial arts. You can even enrol to short-term dance classes held every morning.

There are plenty of libraries and art galleries too in Kochi. It has some great cafes coupled with art galleries. These cafe-cum-galleries can give a rush of adrenaline to any art lover. What more an art lover would wish if she gets to enjoy art exhibition with sips of coffee?

For the foodies

For most of us, even the most exciting trips lose their charm if we don’t get something mouth-watering to savour ourselves. Kochi being a coastal city will never disappoint your cravings for tasty foods. You can get alluring spicy coastal dishes, South Indian Idli-Dosa, continental pasta and many fish dishes wrapped in banana leaves.

After serving your appetite, you can also take parcels of banana and tapioca chips from Kochi along with all sorts of best quality spices.

For the adventurers  

A visit to a coastal city cannot be said entirely without getting a boat ride! Fun lovers pack your bag of energy and fly to Kochi for having adventurous rides on sea-waves. When you go to the sea-shores make sure to see the Chinese fishing net, one of the remarkable landmarks of Fort Kochi. You would love to see the one of its kind of fishing net that is a fixed installation working on the concept of the cantilever.

So are you ready to visit Fort Kochi during your next vacations? Hurry up and book flight tickets from Delhi to Kochi within your budget and get ready for your Yatra!

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