6 Healthy Eating Tips for Your Family


As a wife and mother, getting your entire family to adopt healthy eating habits can be tricky. You visualize a healthier future for everyone in your household. However, there’s one thing that’s standing in the way: Your partner or kids’ resistance to limit or give up junk foods.

We understand your dilemma. That is why in this article, we have outlined practical, easy-to-follow steps you can follow to encourage your family to take a step towards healthy snacking. Interested? Let’s get you started.

  1. Take time to prepare healthy snacks.

We often give snacking a bad name and we’ve got nothing else to blame: Unhealthy food and beverages that are highly accessible. Everywhere we look, whether at the grocery or television ads, there seems to be no shortage of chips, sodas, and pastries. If you want your kids to appreciate healthy snacks, take time to prepare them yourself. There are nutritious and super delicious options like fruit smoothies, colorful fruit kabobs, and oatmeal with nuts and berries.

  1. Avoid dining in front of the television.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, snack time, or dinner, family meals are a special time that everyone should value. This means that eating must be done at the dining area where your partner and kids can focus better on their food and be mindful about it. Never let eating in front of the TV be a normal ritual for your family. The danger of this “seemingly harmless” practice is excessive food consumption which leads to obesity. Instead, have everyone gather at the table and engage in healthy conversations.

  1. Never skip breakfast or eat an unhealthy one.

    A common problem among busy families who hurry off to work or school is the tendency to miss breakfast or settle for an unhealthy one

A common problem among busy families who hurry off to work or school is the tendency to miss breakfast or settle for an unhealthy one that comes in a box. Sounds familiar? By that, we mean sugary cereals. Either of the two factors can unknowingly decrease performance at the office. A familiar scenario is when you starve mid-morning at work because your glucose levels have suddenly dropped. This leads to your inability to focus. To avoid such situation, make a healthy breakfast a top priority.

  1. Keep vegetables and fruits in plain sight.

More often than not, we choose unhealthy foods simply because we see them all the time. A simple, less-known trick to get rid of this problem is to keep your healthy greens and fruits in plain sight. For example, in your refrigerator, store your organic foods in compartments that are at the level of your eye. This tricks your brain into thinking that these should be the ones you must consume first. Also, have a bowl of fruits like apples and berries placed prominently on the table or countertop.

  1. Grow your own organic garden.

Not only will this strategy decrease your stress levels, it’ll also give you a year-round supply of fruits and vegetables that you can easily access anytime! There are a myriad of books and online resources that teach you how to cultivate fruit trees and greens. To encourage your family to embrace healthy eating, enlist their participation. Have your child and partner plant the greens with you during weekends. Make sure that they know the health benefits of each fruit and vegetable seed.

  1. Be a good role model yourself.

A healthy home starts with people who are willing to be role models of positive change. Sometimes, the best way to encourage good behaviors among others around you is to “do the work” yourself. It would be totally useless to educate your husband or kids about healthy eating without practicing the behavior. For example, eating kiwi fruits or apples to satisfy your sweet tooth instead of going for sugary cupcakes sends the message to your family that “organic” is the best choice.

Final Word

While applying these practical strategies, always remember to start small and be patient for results. We must admit, healthy eating is indeed a challenge but is achievable with the right attitude! Do you love these tips? Got anything else to add? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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