A Romantic Jaunt to the Indiana Dunes

Like many people in love, you may be looking for a unique, idyllic romantic trip you can take with your significant other. As you contemplate possible romantic trips, take a look at a jaunt to the magnificent Indiana Dunes. There are a number of reasons to consider a romantic holiday to the Indiana Dunes.

You can make your own game plan when you arrive at the Indiana Dunes. In the alternative, there are planned excursions and recreational activities you can participate in while at the Dunes.The Indiana Dunes has over 15 miles of Lake Michigan coastline to enjoy.

Select a Time of Year

The first step in planning a romantic holiday to the Indiana Dunes is to select time of year to go to the area. The Dunes offer amazing differences from one season to the next. Indeed, you could go to the Dunes in all four seasons and think you’d landed in a completely different destination.

During the spring, the Dunes become a birder’s paradise. In addition, the river banks around the Dunes burst alive with an amazing display of beautiful wildflowers.

The recreational opportunities at Lake Michigan are in abundance in the summertime. Sunsets are unparalleled and truly vibrant.

The autumn at the Dunes is an amazing time. As the trees change colors for the year, the area is awash in red and gold.

Winter turns the Dunes into a true wonderland. Cross country skiing is a popular activity in the wintertime.

Local destinations

In addition to all of the activities available at the Dunes themselves, there are a number of nearby and local destinations that make perfect side trips for couple of a romantic excursion. Taking one or more side trip will add to the overall enjoyment of your excursion to the Indiana Dunes.


One of the amazing features of Chesterton is its array of fantastic eateries. You are likely to be able to find nearly any cuisine you and your loved one enjoy. In addition, you will be able to enjoy more than one bistro that provides a perfect place for a romantic dinner for two.

Chesterton is also home to interesting galleries filled with eye-catching work. A romantic stroll about town, taking in the galleries as well as the Westchester Township History Museum (which features local artisans) is a wise move for a couple in love.

If you elect to come to the Dunes in the summertime, checkout the European Market on Saturday mornings for a taste of local produce as well as the work or area artisans. The Coffee Creek Watershed provides an opportunity for a rambling, relaxing walk, taking in the local flora and maybe even some fauna.


Another community that makes for a nice side trip for a couple on a romantic excursion is the village of Portage. There are a number of unique museums that are worth a look in Portage: Beverly Shores Depot Museum and Alton Goin Museum.

If you’re a more active couple, you can rent some bikes and take off on the outback trail or even the Steel Wheels BMX. These are geared for for riders of all skill levels.

A relaxing visit to the Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk should also be on your list. From this vantage point, you get an amazing view of Lake Michigan. Portage is also home to an expansive Bass Pro Shop, and everything that comes with that iconic retailer.


Finally, a side trip during a romantic excursion to the Indiana Dunes can have Valparaiso as its destination. It is the most lively of the communities in the vicinity of the Dunes.

The city is home to Valparaiso University’s Brauer Museum of Art. This center has an amazing 4,000 piece collection and rotating exhibits

As is the case with other bergs near the Dunes, there is a destination perfect for romantic wandering in Valparaiso. The beautiful Ogden Gardens is an idyllic setting for a couple in love.


Although not home to five-star hotels, the area is home to very nice lodgings. The well-kept properties are tended by friendly, professional staffs. In addition, the locales on duty at these lodgings are always happy to assist visitors — including folks on a romantic excursion — in selecting ideal “things to do” when at the Dunes. Local lodging includes:


Spring House Inn

303 North Mineral Springs Road

Porter, Indiana 46304

(219) 929-4600

Wakebird Lakeside Inn

556 Indian Boundary Road

Chesterton, Indiana 46304

(219) 928-1501

Hampton Inn

6353 Melton Road

Portage, Indiana 46368

(219) 764-1919



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