Are You Doing These Three Things That Keep You Sad?

Life can get complicated and overwhelming, and with everything going on its easy to switch to auto-pilot mode. When you can barely respond to things around you, you set yourself up for failures and disappointment. It is a vicious cycle where one bad thing leads to another. But because it is a cycle there are patterns. These patterns are behaviors that feed off your positivity and leave you feeling frustrated at best, and depressed at worst. Here is a list of three things that may be keeping you sad:

  1. Complaining: Complaining is one of the worst things you can do if you are trying to make things better. It not only makes you see only the negatives of a particular situation, but also makes others around you want to get away from the whining wreck you’re being. Complaining has never been a good use of your time, and it never will be.
  2. Worrying: Worry is a futuristic state of mind. The thing you are worrying about does not exist in the present and probably never will. Rather, think about the situation and the options that you have. Can you make a conscious decision to make it better? Then do it. Is the situation outside your conscious control? Well then worrying is useless anyway. Understand that worry has none of its perceived benefits and only harms you in the long run. No, it doesn’t make the earth go round.
  3. Being hard on yourself: Expecting more from yourself than you can deliver is a recipe for disaster. Give yourself some time to recharge too. You can play bingo with welcome bonus without deposit or watch the rerun of your favorite TV show. Remind yourself that you do not have to get all the things done, it’s a huge relief.

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