Author: Alex Walker

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My Top 5 Albums of All Time

I was asked recently by my friend Shahriar Ekbatani what my favorite albums of all time were, a question which has taken me just under a month getting an answer to. My buddy is an awesome photographer and regularly snaps shots of local bands for their album artwork. After shooting […]

man and woman

How to Ask Out a Girl That You Like

I have never had a problem when it came to getting girls during college or when it came to dating girls upon leaving college, in fact it is something that I never saw as a huge challenge. I am not trying to suggest that I am some kind of Hugh […]


Why the IT sector isn’t just for men

Traditionally, the IT sector has always been a male preserve. Massive global companies such as Google historically had large numbers of male staff working for them despite efforts on their part to address this issue. However, in recent times, this sector has seen a drastic shift in the number of […]

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Chelsea Will Travel the Furthest Distance in the Champions League

All eyes were on the Champions League draw last week for this season’s competition. For the first time in history, England will have five teams (Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United) and Scotland one (Celtic) competing to be crowned the Champions of Europe. The football ticket compare website FanSeats have […]


Why you should consider Liverpool for your next job move

Considering your next career move? Then consider moving to Liverpool, it’s a vibrant metropolis with a lively cultural scene, a strong economy and much more besides. Liverpool’s economy – ahead of the field Historically, Liverpool was the route by which businesses found a way in to the international market and […]

5 Reasons Fort Kochi Should Be on Every Traveller’s List

Every traveller has different expectations from their travel destinations. Some of us are interested in witnessing cultural diversities while the others find history more intriguing. Some seek adventure while others are in search of serenity. If you are a solo traveller, it does not make any difference, but if you […]