Author: Alex Walker

Chipped tooth? Tips on handling broken teeth

As the Hollywood smile becomes increasingly sought after, more and more people are placing importance on teeth, their shape, their colour and how white and bright they are. Even without this, chipped teeth have been known to heighten suffering from self-consciousness as well as making it difficult to eat certain […]

Top Destinations to Fly to From Birmingham Airport

There are some amazing destinations worldwide that you can fly to from Birmingham Airport. Below is a list of some of the top destinations based on the feedback received from customers. Don’t forget to book your Birmingham airport parking from early to get the best deals. By booking your […]

Our Top Money Saving Motivations

Having a healthy bank balance is one of these easiest ways to remove unnecessary stress from your life and can provide you with financial freedom. However, becoming a good saver is easier said than done for most people, which is why we are providing you with our top money saving […]

6 Garden Inspirations for 2019

As summer is over and the cold weather will soon be setting in, your attention might have turned to how to improve your garden next year. With a little research and some forward planning, you could soon create the outdoor space of your dreams. If you want to create an […]

4 Steps To Take After Sustaining An Injury

What is the first course of action you take after you have been injured? When you were little, your parents came rushing over with band-aids and gauze, and even gave your boo-boo a kiss to make the pain go away. Accidents can happen to anyone, and they aren’t restricted to […]

What insurance cover does my hair salon need?

Whether you are opening a hair salon, nail salon or beauty salon, it is important to keep your business safe from any potential compensation requests by buying insurance. A business is a business and it needs to be protected when it is still new and creating an image upon its […]

Five Fun Friend Dates You Should Try

There’s nothing better than getting the girls together for a fun friend date; in our busy lives, it’s increasingly important to protect time to catch up with your best friends. Good friends are a shoulder to cry on, a guaranteed laugh at the end of a hard week, a source […]

Drinking at the Bar or Nightclub on a Budget

Even though you must maintain a strict budget, you are human and are social animal. You enjoy going our and about on the town with friends. You do like to partake in adult libations when you visit a bar or nightclub. There are techniques you can utilize you drink at […]