Author: Alex Walker

gender selection

How Much Does Gender Selection Cost?

Gender selection is a controversial issue. One of the only ways to truly choose a gender is through PGD – preimplantation genetic diagnosis. This is a procedure in which an embryo is tested for genetic defects, but where gender can be determined as well. PGD is sometimes offered in cases […]


How idea management can revolutionize a business

When an idea is introduced into a business there are so many steps in order to make the idea become a reality.  Ideas can come from all different types of employees within a business, this is beneficial because ideas coming from all angles can give the corporate bosses ways of […]


Larry Polhill – How to Write a Great Story

I was chatting recently with the director of the publishing company who I work for about a range of topics and we touched on the subject of what it takes to write a great story, something which I told him I’d tell him about in exchange for some securities about […]