What insurance cover does my hair salon need?

Whether you are opening a hair salon, nail salon or beauty salon, it is important to keep your business safe from any potential compensation requests by buying insurance. A business is a business and it needs to be protected when it is still new and creating an image upon its […]


Why Working Online Is Absolutely Amazing

For many years I didn’t really understand what the inherent was all about, I would use it to search for bits and pieces but other than that I never really delved deeper. One of my close friends, Abhishek Gattani, was actually using the internet at that time to make money […]


How to protect your new business from cyber crime

The threat of fraud has grown to a seriously intimidating level; in fact, UK fraud topped £1 billion in value last year, The Guardian has reported. Accountancy firm KPMG has drawn attention to a significant increase in cybercrime, the situation of which could get even worse. Hitesh Patel, a partner […]