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Modern Tech Meets Style and Function

Searching for the perfect every day bag that is sophisticated yet still functional? Introducing Mobovida’s NEW Bristol Belt Bags! Combining fashion and function, Mobovida is on a mission to help modern women tackle their to-do lists in style with their refined belt bag. Getting ready for lunch with your BFFs or thinking of this […]

A Week in Minneapolis: Twin Cities

We have just returned from a vacation in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota? We would have never chose this for a destination but with a close friend living in the city we decided that we would give it a visit. We hear stories of how cold it gets in the […]

Regaining the Motivation

How frequently have you begun another fitness exercise with a burst of excitement, just to feel that underlying loss of inspiration? This regularly prompts dejection and makes us surrender easily. Personally I’ve encountered this setback many circumstances myself. The way to outfitting your feelings is understanding them. The common example […]

How to Be Confident in Yourself

There will be ordinarily when the monotonous routine of life will start to get you down, yes we have all been there. With this I created a list of things I complete when I am experiencing these emotions, hopefully the work for you. Enjoy a cup of tea with one of […]

Kids Coding and Tech camp launches in USA.

Level Up Kids, an engaging week-long day camp for seven to fifteen year old kids, focuses on teaching technological skills in a creative, kid-friendly learning environment. The camp is launching its continual learning summer sessions June to August with the choice of twelve innovative programs across twenty locations, including Robotics Camps […]

Review: Blue Apron

We have been using this new type of service Blue Apron which provides the food, ingredients and recipes for a set meal. We decided to go for the three meals a week option which serves 2 people and costs $60 per week. Whilst this sounds like a lot and is […]