Can a woman get a six-pack? Yes, and here’s how

For years, the six-pack has stapled itself to men’s fitness magazines and celebrity as one of the must have male accessories, while the female six-pack is one that often slips under-the-radar as being something overly masculine or unappealing. But the days of gender discrimination are over, and the female six-pack […]

Activities to Improve Your Health

If you want to break up the daily grind while improving your health, you will be happy to learn there are several activities that can help you to do just that – and they don’t necessarily require you to pump iron or hit the treadmill. If you want to look […]

Chipped tooth? Tips on handling broken teeth

As the Hollywood smile becomes increasingly sought after, more and more people are placing importance on teeth, their shape, their colour and how white and bright they are. Even without this, chipped teeth have been known to heighten suffering from self-consciousness as well as making it difficult to eat certain […]

4 Steps To Take After Sustaining An Injury

What is the first course of action you take after you have been injured? When you were little, your parents came rushing over with band-aids and gauze, and even gave your boo-boo a kiss to make the pain go away. Accidents can happen to anyone, and they aren’t restricted to […]


Putting Your Heath First is Just Plain Smart

When you keep yourself fit, it pays real dividends. In fact, being fit can add as many as four years to your life. There are other benefits as well including, a significant reduction in disabling injuries and many of the maladies that affect so many of us who are not […]


Great Hacks to Help You Stick to Your Diet

Getting in shape is not easy, especially if you have never really given it much thought in the past. I failed in terms of getting the beach body that I wanted before summer and I am determined to get in shape before the season of gluttony that is Christmas. The […]

gender selection

How Much Does Gender Selection Cost?

Gender selection is a controversial issue. One of the only ways to truly choose a gender is through PGD – preimplantation genetic diagnosis. This is a procedure in which an embryo is tested for genetic defects, but where gender can be determined as well. PGD is sometimes offered in cases […]