Great Ideas for the Classroom: Halloween

We are always looking for ideas to keep our children occupied and interested, especially in the classroom. The people at Simply Education have designed a fantastic infographic which offers ideas for the classroom. Whether this is for the school or you want to try it out in your home we are […]


How to protect your new business from cyber crime

The threat of fraud has grown to a seriously intimidating level; in fact, UK fraud topped £1 billion in value last year, The Guardian has reported. Accountancy firm KPMG has drawn attention to a significant increase in cybercrime, the situation of which could get even worse. Hitesh Patel, a partner […]

gender selection

How Much Does Gender Selection Cost?

Gender selection is a controversial issue. One of the only ways to truly choose a gender is through PGD – preimplantation genetic diagnosis. This is a procedure in which an embryo is tested for genetic defects, but where gender can be determined as well. PGD is sometimes offered in cases […]


Larry Polhill – How to Write a Great Story

I was chatting recently with the director of the publishing company who I work for about a range of topics and we touched on the subject of what it takes to write a great story, something which I told him I’d tell him about in exchange for some securities about […]

man and woman

How to Ask Out a Girl That You Like

I have never had a problem when it came to getting girls during college or when it came to dating girls upon leaving college, in fact it is something that I never saw as a huge challenge. I am not trying to suggest that I am some kind of Hugh […]


The Most Popular Casino Games for Women

Gambling has been known for centuries and has not lost its popularity during this time. Whether young or old, many people love the unpredictability of gambling. Online casinos with games like Book of Ra are gaining popularity. Gambling was a pure male domain for many years, but that has now […]