5 Ways To Boost Kids’ Self-Esteem

For the first two quarters of the school year, Olivia’s grades were perfect, all A’s on the report card of the second grader. Olivia was involved in the school holiday play, she was in the inventor’s club, she got along with everyone and always looked forward to going to school. […]

Making Overnight Oatmeal

Where have we been for the past several years when all of our friends have been eating overnight oatmeal. What a lifesaver these are and we cannot believe we didn’t start making them sooner. These simple but delicious breakfast pots are perfect for everyone including families. We started with the […]

Kids Coding and Tech camp launches in USA.

Level Up Kids, an engaging week-long day camp for seven to fifteen year old kids, focuses on teaching technological skills in a creative, kid-friendly learning environment. The camp is launching its continual learning summer sessions June to August with the choice of twelve innovative programs across twenty locations, including Robotics Camps […]