What insurance cover does my hair salon need?

Whether you are opening a hair salon, nail salon or beauty salon, it is important to keep your business safe from any potential compensation requests by buying insurance. A business is a business and it needs to be protected when it is still new and creating an image upon its […]

Five Fun Friend Dates You Should Try

There’s nothing better than getting the girls together for a fun friend date; in our busy lives, it’s increasingly important to protect time to catch up with your best friends. Good friends are a shoulder to cry on, a guaranteed laugh at the end of a hard week, a source […]

Drinking at the Bar or Nightclub on a Budget

Even though you must maintain a strict budget, you are human and are social animal. You enjoy going our and about on the town with friends. You do like to partake in adult libations when you visit a bar or nightclub. There are techniques you can utilize you drink at […]

5 Tablescape Ideas for a Spring Brunch

Nothing is more enjoyable than a spring brunch. If you are planning on hosting such a gathering for friends and family, you may find yourself pondering what to do to prepare the table for the event. You likely have at least some questions about what to do in the way […]

Enjoying Traveling with Your Pet on Amtrak

In recent years, the ability to bring certain pets onboard Amtrak has returned. For a good many years before this development, Amtrak passengers were not permitted to bring their pets onboard a train. All of that started to change with an experiment in 2014. The experiment permitting pets onboard Amtrak […]

Easy DIY Projects that Enhance Your Residence

If you are like many people, you may be contemplating undertaking a remodel of your residence. You may have begun the process of considering contractors who may be able to provide you the services you require for your home improvement efforts. As is also the case with many people, you […]

Boutique Shopping on the Costa del Sol

A fashionista’s guide to the best addresses in Málaga, Marbella and beyond While the large towns and cities across Spain’s beautiful Costa del Sol have their fair share of department stores, shopping centres and high street giants, the real joy of shopping here are the hundreds of hidden gems and […]

3 Proven Solutions to Your Credit Card Problems

In these tough economic times, many consumers have found credit card debt catching up with them despite their best efforts to pay down their debts. For some people it’s hard to pay more than the minimum each month, or to make payments on time. In these cases, the accumulating interest, […]