Are You Doing These Three Things That Keep You Sad?

Life can get complicated and overwhelming, and with everything going on its easy to switch to auto-pilot mode. When you can barely respond to things around you, you set yourself up for failures and disappointment. It is a vicious cycle where one bad thing leads to another. But because it […]

skin care application

Food That Could Make Me Look Older

There is a legitimate reason why your skin may feel a little off after an all-night bender or a greasy backyard BBQ party. You are, in fact, what you eat. While a couple of delicious indulgences won’t make you age overnight, a poor diet can greatly accelerate the skin’s natural […]


6 Healthy Eating Tips for Your Family

  As a wife and mother, getting your entire family to adopt healthy eating habits can be tricky. You visualize a healthier future for everyone in your household. However, there’s one thing that’s standing in the way: Your partner or kids’ resistance to limit or give up junk foods. We […]


How Colour can affect Mental and Physical Health

The close connection between colour and well-being is evident in the many expressions that describe mental and physical states with colour. Someone can say they are in a black mood, feeling blue, green with envy, or in the pink, and everybody knows exactly what they mean. Colours have deep meanings […]


The Rising Cost of Beauty

As many of you will agree, the cost of make up and beauty products has definitely increased in price. Whilst there are more products on the market and sure there are more cheaper options than there has ever been, the premium products seem to be increasing. Fantastic marketing by companies […]

White Converse: Are they Still Fashionable?

This summer we are going on an extended trip and traveling around Asia and Europe. With this we have a limited amount of space for shoes. Whilst we would love to take 2 pairs of trainers, shoes, sandals and heels, we can’t possible do so. With this we have to […]

Modern Tech Meets Style and Function

Searching for the perfect every day bag that is sophisticated yet still functional? Introducing Mobovida’s NEW Bristol Belt Bags! Combining fashion and function, Mobovida is on a mission to help modern women tackle their to-do lists in style with their refined belt bag. Getting ready for lunch with your BFFs or thinking of this […]

Easter By Numbers

Easter Stats and Facts 1st – Easter’s rank among the most popular Church days of the year Over 50% attend $152 – Average Easter spending by each person 52.4 Percent – Share of Americans who say the Easter bunny came before the Easter egg 88.7 Percent – Share of Americans who believe the proper way to eat a chocolate Easter bunny is ears […]

How to Be Confident in Yourself

There will be ordinarily when the monotonous routine of life will start to get you down, yes we have all been there. With this I created a list of things I complete when I am experiencing these emotions, hopefully the work for you. Enjoy a cup of tea with one of […]

Kids Coding and Tech camp launches in USA.

Level Up Kids, an engaging week-long day camp for seven to fifteen year old kids, focuses on teaching technological skills in a creative, kid-friendly learning environment. The camp is launching its continual learning summer sessions June to August with the choice of twelve innovative programs across twenty locations, including Robotics Camps […]