Larry Polhill – How to Write a Great Story

I was chatting recently with the director of the publishing company who I work for about a range of topics and we touched on the subject of what it takes to write a great story, something which I told him I’d tell him about in exchange for some securities about […]

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My Top 5 Albums of All Time

I was asked recently by my friend Shahriar Ekbatani what my favorite albums of all time were, a question which has taken me just under a month getting an answer to. My buddy is an awesome photographer and regularly snaps shots of local bands for their album artwork. After shooting […]


Why you should consider Liverpool for your next job move

Considering your next career move? Then consider moving to Liverpool, it’s a vibrant metropolis with a lively cultural scene, a strong economy and much more besides. Liverpool’s economy – ahead of the field Historically, Liverpool was the route by which businesses found a way in to the international market and […]


Forex Trading – What’s it all About  

  Forex trading (also known as foreign exchange, FX or currency trading) is a decentralized global market where currencies are traded. It has a daily trading volume of more than $5 trillion, making it the largest and most liquid market in the world. There are tens of currency pairs, which […]


Are You Doing These Three Things That Keep You Sad?

Life can get complicated and overwhelming, and with everything going on its easy to switch to auto-pilot mode. When you can barely respond to things around you, you set yourself up for failures and disappointment. It is a vicious cycle where one bad thing leads to another. But because it […]

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Food That Could Make Me Look Older

There is a legitimate reason why your skin may feel a little off after an all-night bender or a greasy backyard BBQ party. You are, in fact, what you eat. While a couple of delicious indulgences won’t make you age overnight, a poor diet can greatly accelerate the skin’s natural […]

How to Be Confident in Yourself

There will be ordinarily when the monotonous routine of life will start to get you down, yes we have all been there. With this I created a list of things I complete when I am experiencing these emotions, hopefully the work for you. Enjoy a cup of tea with one of […]