Celebrate Christmas In Style With These Timeless Gift Ideas

It’s the time of year when you might be trying to buy Christmas presents for all of your loved ones – but, in the rush, you could too easily buy something they already have, if it doesn’t miss the mark entirely. “Didn’t I tell you I was allergic to those?” No, they probably didn’t…

All the same, though, you don’t want to just settle for the boring option, like – shudder – the dreaded socks. Here are some tried-and-tested gift ideas that rarely fail to raise a smile on Christmas Day.


How could we not mention it? Surely everyone has a sweet tooth, and Christmas gives many of us a great excuse to indulge our sugar cravings. However, you can still put a little imagination into your choice of chocolate, such as by opting for some sea salt Charbonnel chocolates.

You could even follow Enchanted Pixie‘s advice that you pair your chocolate with a bottle of champagne. Chocolate is included in numerous champagne gifts sets available to buy online.


Like chocolate treats, Christmas hampers come in a pleasing variety, from traditional boxes with cheeses, biscuits and mince pies to hampers packed just with wines, coffees or teas.

Even if the intended recipient currently lives abroad, you can arrange for a company to send the hamper to that foreign address – meaning that your loved one can feel your presence at Christmas even when you aren’t physically with them.

Seasonal clothing

No, this isn’t quite a call for you to buy them socks yet again – at least not unless you want to go for some of the less conventional sort, like slipper socks ideal for wearing on cosy nights in.

Put practicality at the forefront with your choices of clothes to buy. After all, there will still be plenty of winter left to go after Christmas, hence why woolly beanie hats, scarves and gloves can go down well, as can a thick jumper, which doesn’t have to set you back too much money.

Gift card

Okay, so this isn’t quite “timeless” in the most literal sense, as the gift card will inevitably have an expiration date. However, it’s the obvious go-to present solution for those loved ones where you know what they generally like but can’t be certain what exactly is missing from their collection.

For gadget geeks, you could get a Currys PC World card, for example, while a Netflix or Amazon card would be appreciated by film buffs – the latter can even be spent on Prime Video, as T3points out.

Christmas album

Okay, so they won’t exactly be listening to it in May, but the recipient can look forward to digging the same festive album back out again every Christmas. There are plenty of classic compilations to choose from, too; Paste ranks what it deems the twenty best ones.

They include Bing Crosby’s White Christmas, Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas – the originator of “All I Want for Christmas is You” – and the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s A Charlie Brown Christmas.

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