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Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida Discusses the Advantages and Disadvantages of Beach Weddings

Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida is a well-known beach photographer. He has seen a significant influx in the number of bookings as of late, which demonstrates just how popular destination beach weddings are becoming. While he welcomes this celebration of eternal love, he also feels that people need to know exactly what the pros and cons of these weddings are. After all, it is supposed to be the most special day of a couple’s life, and unless you know everything that could happen, it may just end up being a day to forget.

Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida on the Beach Wedding Pros

  1. Beach weddings are usually a lot cheaper than traditional weddings. Plus, it automatically includes a honeymoon, since you are already at a fantastic destination. Because fewer people come to these destination weddings, your food and drinks bill will also be reduced.
  2. Beach weddings can be very casual. Everybody there is relaxed and are comfortably (and affordably) dressed. Weddings are expensive to go to as well!
  3. Everything, including the ceremony, the wedding breakfast, and the party, can be completed in one single location. No need to travel or be inconvenienced.
  4. Everybody can be involved in every element of the wedding. People don’t have to sit in seats anymore and watch. They can take part, walk in the water, build sandcastles, and more.
  5. You don’t always have to have a permit for this wedding, so long as you don’t need the beach to be blocked off.
  6. While a lot of people now opt for destination weddings, they continue to be modern, unique, and refreshing.
  7. You can plan your wedding exactly how you want it to, and now how everybody expects you to plan it. It will really be your day.

Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida on the Beach Wedding Cons

  1. You cannot control Mother Nature. She may decide to be overcast, to blow a gale, or even to rain. Hence, do always have an alternate location in mind.
  2. There is usually a breeze on the beach, which can cause some wardrobe, and particularly hair, malfunctions.
  3. If you want to block some of the beach off for your wedding, you will need permits and those can be quite difficult to get.
  4. There are often “beach rules” to adhere to, such as not being allowed candles or fires, and not being able to play music after a certain time.
  5. Seagulls are indiscriminate eaters and they would love to get their beaks on your wedding buffet!
  6. The tides can get in the way of your party.
  7. Beaches are bright and there is a lot of sunshine, which can cause burns. Additionally, there are often bugs and other natural elements that can really get in the way.
  8. If you want your party to sit, they may be somewhat uncomfortable because chairs sink in the sand, and sitting on the sand itself may not be what everybody was hoping for.


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