Checking Out Live Jazz When Visiting Austin, Texas

Austin has become one of the premier music cities in the United States. All genres of music thrive in the Texas capital city, including jazz. If you are planning a visit yo Austin, you certainly will want to check out the city’s music scene. If you are a jazz fan, you will want to check out the jazz venue offerings in Austin.

Keep in mind that many of these venues offer an array of different types of performers, and not just jazz. You will want to check with a venue before heading over to confirm what type of music and who is performing on any given night. In addition, these venues maintain websites that include up to date calendars on who and what is performed on a particular night.

Skylark Lounge

2039 Airport Boulevard

Skylark Lounge presents live music nearly every night of the week, including plenty of jazz offerings. The venue features local as well as regional talent.

Antone’s Nightclub

305 East 5th

Located downtown, Antone’s Nightclub is a popular music destination in Austin. Antone’s has a long, storied history in the Austin music scene, having opened its doors in 1975. It is a premiere destination for jazz and blues in Austin.

Austin Swing Syndicate

2312 San Gabriel Street

Austin Swing Syndicate is an event, not an venue as such. It occurs every Thursday at the Texas Women’s Federation Building. Yes, swing is a predominate style, but the weekly event is also the place to experience some livelier jazz as well.

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

421 East 6th Street

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar is a consistently popular music destination for people visiting Austin. There is live music nearly every night of the year. And, yes, dueling pianos as well as incredible jazz are featured.

Dozen Street

1808 East 12th Street

This venue does feature a variety of genres. With that said, jazz is a regular feature at Dozen Street. The venue comes complete with a large dance floor, making it a fun stop while visiting Austin if you’d like to liven up the night a bit.

C-Boys Heart and Soul

2008 South Congress Avenue

C-Boys Heart and Soul routinely is called an iconic bar in Austin. The establishments welcomes a myriad of musical talent, including some of the most solid jazz performers to be seen in Austin. The venue comes complete with a spacious patio and a cozy lounge upstairs, in addition to its main space. C-Boys is knowns as the “swankiest place on Congress.”

Summit Rooftop Lounge

120 West 5th Street

If you are a jazz fan, you likely enjoy other musical options as well. If you are going to be visiting Austin, after you’ve had the chance to check out some of the venues that do offer jazz, consider checking out Summit Rooftop Lounge. This is considered by many to be Austin’s premiere rooftop lounge. The best DJs in town entertain throughout the week at Summit.

The Chugging Monkey

219 East 6th Street

The Chugging Monkey features a wealth of local Austin talent — and Austin has a tremendous amount of talented musicians. Jazz and blues are staged at The Chugging Monkey with regularity. If you enjoy these genres and will be visiting the Texas Capital City, consider putting The Chugging Monkey on your to-do and to-hear list.

The Saxon Pub

1320 South Lamar Boulevard

Since its doors opened in 1990, over 22,000 musical performances have been staged at The Saxon Pub. The Saxon Pub does present a wide array of musical talents, including hot jazz performers. Talent performing at The Saxon Pub include local, regional, and national musicians.


422 Congress Avenue

Emo’s is a more intimate venue. Emo’s is a favorite among local musicians when it comes to performing. This includes some of the city’s best jazz talent.

Shiner’s Saloon

422 Congress Avenue

Tasty food and a great bar add to the great live music presented at Shiner’s Salon. The venue features a fairly broad selection of different types of musical talent from rock to jazz.

Donn’s Depot

1600 West 5th Street

Another popular destination in Austin, Donn’s Depot features live music throughout the week. Donn’s Depot presents a variety of different performers in different genres. This includes well-received jazz performers.

When you visit Austin, you really do want to take in as much of the music scene as you can. You truly do not want to miss anything when it comes to the musical offerings in the Texas Capital City. These suggestions give you a starting point when it comes to jazz and other offerings for your stay in Austin

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