Chipped tooth? Tips on handling broken teeth

As the Hollywood smile becomes increasingly sought after, more and more people are placing importance on teeth, their shape, their colour and how white and bright they are. Even without this, chipped teeth have been known to heighten suffering from self-consciousness as well as making it difficult to eat certain foods. Handling broken teeth is a tricky task but there are a few tips and tricks to help you on your way.

Teeth are remarkably strong but just like our bones, they can break, chip and crack. This often occurs by falling over, being hit in the mouth area, biting down on something hard, sporting large old-fashioned amalgam fillings or having cavities that weaken the tooth. If a tooth does crack, it might not actually cause any pain, but your tongue will generally feel the sharp area rather quickly. A chipped tooth can also cause nerve damage if the crack is large enough, this will often cause extreme discomfort when those nerve endings are exposed to hot or cold food and drink.

A chipped tooth can cause nerve damage if the crack is large enough, this will often cause extreme discomfort.

When you do break a tooth, there’s no way to treat this at home and an appointment with your dentist should be made as soon as possible. The tooth may look fine but if it causes pain when you eat or when the temperature in your mouth changes, you’re going to have a big problem on your hands. Visiting your dental clinic will allow the professional to figure out how the break was caused and if the nerve of the tooth is in danger. If this is the case, root canal treatments and composite bonding are viable options.

Home Remedies

Of course with work commitments and day-to-day life, it’s not always possible to rush down to your dentist so in the meantime, you should rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water and take over-the-counter pain relief such as paracetamol. You should also apply an ice-pack to the cheek or lips over the broken tooth as this will relieve pain and help reduce any swelling. It’s also important to apply pressure over any bleeding until it comes to a stop. If you can get to your local drugstore, pick up some dental cement and use this to cover the chipped tooth with.

Dental Treatment

dental work

Once you do have the chance to visit your dentist, it’s likely that they will offer you something known as composite bonding. This process uses tooth-coloured composite resin to repair fractured teeth, or even to improve the proportions of your smile if you have a gap between your teeth or are unhappy with the shape. A small amount of resin will be applied to the problem tooth, this is sculpted to the desired shape, so it sets and covers your damaged teeth. The composite will perfectly match the colour of your teeth, so any difference will not be noticeable.

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