Keeping You and Your Dog Warm with Long Underwear and Dog Sweaters for Winter

You can tell by the shorter days and the descending temperatures that winter is coming. And it is time to think seriously about how you and your doggie will make it through as temperatures descend into the single digits.

The first thing to do is to remain calm, because there are a few basic purchases that can go a long way to making sure that both you and your pooch are warm all through the cold months. Here’s a few items that should help you both keep warm and cozy.

For Your Pooch

Dog Sweater

Dogs have the benefit of always wearing a fur coat, and this is a great first line of defense against lower winter temperatures. But smaller dogs, dogs with short hair and older dogs do get cold during cold winter days and when it gets too cold all dogs can feel the cold. This is the case particularly in their parts like their stomachs, where there is less or no fur. A great first choice for winter purchases for your pooch is a dog sweater. Dog sweaters for winter come in all sizes and add a layer of warmth for dogs. They are made of many different types of materials from wool to heavy cotton. They come in all sizes and a variety of shapes and colors. So your dog can look good and be warm this winter too.

Heated Bed Pad

If your pooch enjoys sleeping in a bed and that bed is on the floor, remember drafts hit the lower part of a room. This means there is a good chance your dog will get cold while sleeping this winter. To prevent your dog from taking over your bed, demanding to be held to stay warm, an electric bed pad is a great purchase. They fit in the dog bed and a blanket is placed between it and the dog. The pad supplies heat throughout the night and your dog will love you for it.

For You

Long Underwear

When we were kids, our mom’s insisted that we wear long underwear beneath our clothes during the winter. Well, mothers know best and they certainly did in this case because long underwear do a great job of keeping you warm during cold winter days.

Unlike the thick thermal variety that were the only ones available before, today you can buy Long underwear in a variety of fabrics from thermal to silk with each providing different levels of warmth. Many women use leggings as a substitute for long underwear because they are thin enough as to not make clothes look bulky. They can certainly do the job if the weather does not get too cold, but check the temperature before you go out because those leggings will not get the job done when the mercury really drops. In this case you need a real pair of long underwear.

Long Warm Socks

There is simply no better article of clothing to have on a cold winter day than a pair of long warm winter socks. When your feet get cold it can take an hour for them to warm up again, so having them protected against the elements is an order of first priority. Invest in several pair of thick wool socks that leave your feet toasty in your boots. And, make sure that they are long enough for you to tuck your long underwear into them. This will allow you to have a full body seal against the elements. They are also great to wear when walk around a cold winter house.

Get your pooch and you ready for the winter by investing in these important items. If you do, you will thank yourself when the cold weather hits.

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