Five Fun Friend Dates You Should Try

There’s nothing better than getting the girls together for a fun friend date; in our busy lives, it’s increasingly important to protect time to catch up with your best friends. Good friends are a shoulder to cry on, a guaranteed laugh at the end of a hard week, a source of sage wisdom and so much more.

If you’ve found yourself somewhat drifting from your core friendship group of late, just make a simple phone call or drop a text and get the gang back together. Here are five fun friend dates you should try.

Go see your favorite band in concert

Chances are, if you’re friends, you’ve got some musical interests which overlap. Getting dressed up and heading out to a gig is a really fun way to spend time with your friends; singing loudly and enjoying the electric atmosphere.

Head over to to see which bands and performers are touring your city soon. If theater is more of a mutual interest, then you could take in a show too.

Try your hand at something new together

Best friends struggle to get embarrassed in front of each other, which is why when you’re hanging out with your core social group, it’s the ideal time to try out a new hobby.

You may find there’s a nearby crafts or arts workshop which is tailored to groups of friends, such as Drink, Shop, Do in London.

Have a night in

Sometimes, all you need is a casual get together and the chance to have a good gossip. There’s nothing wrong with opting for a cheap night in, where you all bring around something to eat and sit on the couch drinking wine and chilling out. Indeed we’re often so busy, a night in is exactly what everyone needs!

To jazz up an ordinary night in, why not play a board game or host a spa session; get some comfy spa gowns, invest in some luxurious skincare products and really treat yourself (but for a fraction of the price of a hotel spa trip).

Get outside for a hike

From one extreme to the other, sometimes an invigorating walk or hike in the great outdoors is what you’ll need to refresh and have fun together. Search for walking routes in your local area, or hire a guide who can take you on a course of your chosen difficulty and length. You can even get a great picture of you all, atop a mountain, to remember the day by!

Take a road trip

If you’ve got a little longer than one afternoon or evening, why not pack up the car and take a girly road trip somewhere? Playing your favorite tunes, and having ample time for conversation during the journey, is just the start of the fun — once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ve got all night, and the journey back the next day to enjoy each other’s company.

Book you fun friend date in today…

Now that you’ve got plenty of ideas, all that’s left to do is organize a day and time that works for everyone. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone!

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