Follow These Solo Female Travel Bloggers

When we first started travelling, most of the articles and blogs that I found were either male or couples.  Now there are many different blogs for solo females traveling and this is great.

Whilst most travellers like to enjoy their own freedom and try do things different, it is always great to hear a different perspective on things and see recommendations from other female travellers. We have decided to list some of the best travel blogs for females on the market. Here is my top picks:

The Fearful Adventurer

Twitter: @fearfulgirl

If your dreams don’t scare you, maybe they’re not big enough?

These are the words from Torre Deroche from this blog which aims to recommend and change perceptions by traveling outside of her comfort zone. This is an inspiring blog and whilst she doesn’t write every day you can be assured that what she does publish is quality.

Where is Jenny

Twitter: @whereisjenny

Jenny is an inspiring read and we love to follow her journey around the world travelling to many different countries. Since 2011 Jenny has been traveling and living the nomadic lifestyle which we think is great and aim to do one day. The site is a journal of Jenny’s travel and thoughts.

The Travel Chica

Twitter: @thetravelchica

Stephanie is the owner and writer on this blog and covers some extremely interesting subjects. We are always looking at traveling on a budget and this is the best blog for the guides and recommended places to visit for a low price. This definitely inspires us to keep on traveling.

Other websites that deserve a mention is Travel Bonvoy which offers great resources into local guides, especially restaurants in the major cities around the world.

These blogs have the power to inspire women everywhere to live adventurously and intentionally which we love.

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