Football Craze of England

Did you know that the world’s first football club was established in England? It was Sheffield FC, established in 1857. Even the world’s first football association was set up in England in 1863, and national competition, the FA Cup, was started here in 1871. The Premier League in England is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world. The UK has always been considered the home of football. And, why not? It is believed that the sport originated in England, reflected quite well by the particular obsession for this sport in the country.

A Look at the Craze for Football

According to research published by BBC Sport, the number of overseas fans visiting Britain to watch top-flight football rose to 800,000 in 2014, bringing in a good £684 million in revenue.

In fact, as any football match advances, be it small or big, the British become most patriotic, showing love and pride for their country, through the British flag painted on their faces, attached to their card and hanging from their home windows. Experts at Holiday Inn Luton South, one of the best hotels on M1, added that even when the Luton Town Football Club climbed back into the top three, after a hugely professional victory at Accrington, adding their fifth victory in six League Two encounters, the ambiance of the town instantly changed!

Luton, home to this League Two team, welcomes numerous football enthusiasts each year, who are there to take part in all the fun and excitement, regardless of the scale of the game being played.

Most people say that the ease of playing of football is a major reason for its popularity. Unlike any other game, which requires additional protective gear, in football, all a player needs is a ball, 2 goal posts and the company of good friends or rivals, as they like. Moreover, the rules of football are comparatively few, when compared to most other sports. It is the flow and ease with which the players engage in this game that makes football a treat for the eyes as well.

Luton Town Football Club

Luton Town Football Club is a professional association football club, founded in 1885. When it was founded, the club was nicknamed “The Hatters” and affiliated to the Bedfordshire County Football Association. Since 1905, the club has been operating at Kenilworth Road, Luton. This team has made a name for itself with some major trophy wins, numerous promotions and relegations, but they never quit working for success, quite evident from their 2-0 win over Accrington Stanley. The club saw a spectacular period between 1982 and 1992, when it was a member of the English football’s top division, and their win in 1988 in the Football League Cup.

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