Future Trip To Amazing India

We have always wanted to go to India and now we are ready to spend a two week vaction travelling to the amazing country of India. As this will be a limited trip and as India is such a large place we have decided to narrow the places we visit down to 3 major cities. From research we have found that a common trip amongst travellers is visiting the cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, also known as the Golden Triangle. Here we give a description on the cities we will visit:


Our first city will be the spectacular Delhi which can be overwhelming with noise, colors, traffic and everything else but we are super excited to visit. The Old Delhi centre is recommended as well as a trip to the Red Fort which is the palace open to the public. Home to thousands of mosques, the biggest of them all is the Jama Masjid which can have 25,000 praying at one time. Whilst the drive to the next destination is not far we have been recommended Air India Express as a great option for internal flights.


The city of Agra is home to the highlight of our trip, one of the world seven wonders, The Taj Mahal. There are some amazing facts about the Taj Mahal, it was built as a memorial by Shah Jahan for his favourite wife, Mumtaz. This spectacular dedication was built by over 20,000 workers and 17 years to complete. We have been advised to arrive early to beat the crowds but I guess there are crowds here no matter the time of day because of how amazing the place is.


Known as the Pink City, the guidebooks inform visitors to head to the Old City and then to the Palace which mixes different architecture. For the last part of the trip we have found a place called Amber which is located close to Jaipur and was once the capital dating as far back as 1592 A.D. Whilst the Taj Mahal is the number 1 destination, Amber is supposedly a fascinating ancient city that all travellers to Jaipur must visit.

After this trip we will go back to Delhi and whilst we have only been on a short journey, we are sure we will have an amazing time and will give us even more reasons to travel to different parts of India. We so excited about this trip and look forward to experiencing the Indian culture including the food.

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