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Get the most out of your make up bag this festive season

Christmas is fast approaching and if you’re anything like us Whispering Sweetly then your diary will be filling up and the office party will be just one of the many social events taking place in December.

Whilst you may choose to reuse that LBD from last year and slip on those go-to dancing shoes which have made their way around many a dance floor – reusing the same old make up shouldn’t be your automatic go-to. Take a look over these top tips as to how to get the most out of your make up bag without spending a fortune and ensure you really wow your friends and family this Christmas.

  1. Clean queen

A lot of people are guilty of buying expensive concealers and shadows but then using old brushes to apply these expensive products. Why not invest in a makeup brush cleaner in order to ensure the tools you are applying your products with are clean and tidy? They don’t cost the earth and can make applying the slap much more hygienic, and might even help fend off spots.

  1. All that glitters

If you love being the life and soul of the party, then why not treat yourself some red lipstick with a hint of glitter? From low-cost brands such as Rimmel to higher end make up makers such as Mac, there are plenty out there and ahint of colour can really bring an outfit to life.

  1. Bronzed beauty

The summer seems like a lifetime ago and our skin is milkier than the Milky Way and you probably don’t feel ready to flash the flesh during this Christmas party season. Make the most of the bronzer in your makeup bag by using a blusher brush to illuminate your collar bone by using this product as a highlighter.

A bronzer can give the illusion of not only being tanned, but all much more sculpted.

  1. Eye eye

No matter what your look is this party season, your brows deserve some serious attention. Not only do they frame your face but they are also right above your eyeline so people notice them! Use a brow brush to groom them which should include combing the hairs and filling in bare spots in order to have a prompt pick-me-up.

  1. It’s all in the detail

What better nod to the holidays than getting your nails painted in festive colours? If you can’t afford to go to the nearest salon during December, then simply DIY it. There are lots of fantastic brands out there including gel home kits and shellac where you can get the same effect as paying a nail technician but for much less.

  1. Blushingly Brilliant

When it comes to getting holiday pretty, applying blusher to your cheek bones is non-negotiable. Amp up your natural rosiness by mixing complementary blush colours, one darker and one lighter. Or start off light with the paler shade in the compact and tweak it by layering its darker counterpart over it.

  1. Eyes wide open

Why not give yourself a boost this party season by treating yourself to some fake eyelashes to give yourself an ‘eyes wide open’ look. They will accentuate your eyes and will create a charismatic look.

Fake eyelashes should be the cornerstone of your innovative make-up tips this Christmas.

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