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How to Ask Out a Girl That You Like

I have never had a problem when it came to getting girls during college or when it came to dating girls upon leaving college, in fact it is something that I never saw as a huge challenge. I am not trying to suggest that I am some kind of Hugh Heffner, far from it in actual fact, but asking girls out was simply never a big deal for me. I was chatting to a friend of mine recently, engineer Reddy Kancharla, and the topic quickly turned to asking girls out, and how difficult he finds it. I thought then, that I would share with you the advice that I gave my friend, in the hopes of helping you out if you are in a similar situation with the ladies.

Accept Rejection

The reason why so many guys find it difficult to ask out a girl, is that they greatly fear rejection and they know that if they don’t ask, they won’t get rejected. There are two sides to this, the first is that rejection means very little, nobody will die and no great issue will be caused, it doesn’t feel very good admittedly but you will wake up the next day and your life will be exactly the same. The second thing about this is that the more you fear rejection, the less confidence you will have and the more likely you are to be rejected. Try to stay calm, accept that rejection happens and move on.

Be Yourself

The likelihood of some cheesy-internet-discovered chat up line actually working is slim to none and you should avoid this kind of talk entirely. The best way to ask a girl out is to be honest, be yourself and be up front. Introduce yourself, have some light chitchat and then pop the question, the earlier the better. If the girl is not into you, she will tell you, or you can feel it before you ask. If the girl says yes then great, if she says no, then walk away with your dignity in tact, it will be her loss in the long run. In order to get a girl t go out with you, you must be yourself, modeling yourself on someone else is not a good strategy and the girl will quickly discover who you really are.

Pure Confidence

Girls love a confident man and regardless of whether you are or not, you must portray that confidence when you are speaking with her.

Once you have thrown out the fear of rejection from your mind, it is time to concentrate on confidence. Confidence is shown in the way you speak, the posture which you have and the words which you use. If you can confidently walk over and ask out a girl, you will be increasing your chances of success with each stride that you take, the key is to believing that the girl will say yes, once you have unlocked this, you will have very few problems.

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