How to Keep Your Dentist Appointments to a Minimum

There is a great number of people who, just like myself, absolutely loathe going to the dentists. On a personal note, the reason that I don’t like going is a mixture of the smell, the drilling and the idea that I have to lay back and open my mouth whilst someone pokes pieces of metal in there. Whilst I do have an excellent and very patient dentist in Dr. Kami Hoss, this does not completely cure my fear of having to go to the dentist. I realized at a young age just how much I hated going to the dentist and so I have always made it my mission to do all that I could to avoid it. If you hate going to the dentist, here is how to avoid having to go.

Annual Appointment

Whilst this may sound a little strange, bear with me, going to the dentist for a regular annual or 6 monthly check up, can actually be a great way of avoiding problems at the dentist. If you avoid the dentist altogether, it is possible that something bad could happen to you teeth and you will be forced to go into the dentist in agony and face emergency treatment. Going for a regular check up means that the dentist can spot any problems early and before they become too severe. A regular check up usually involves minimal poking and prodding and it will be far better than going in an emergency.


When it comes to brushing your teeth, you should be doing so at least twice a day and once after eating if possible. Make sure that you have a toothbrush with a small head so that it can reach every nook and cranny and you should brush your teeth for around 3 minutes. In terms of toothpaste you should be looking for something that is high in fluoride content which will preserve the strength of your teeth and help to whiten them. If you do not brush your teeth regularly then you can get bacteria and germs in your teeth and gums from the food which you eat, these bacteria will eat away at your teeth and cause you many problems such as cavities and even gum disease.

Eating and Drinking

You really must be careful what you eat and drink when it comes to your teeth and you should be always aware of what you are putting into your mouth.

The biggest danger in terms of foods which can damage your teeth is sugar, sugar sticks to the teeth and chips away at the plaque an enamel which are there to protect your teeth.

If you do plan on eating something sugary, make sure that you brush your teeth straight away afterwards. In terms of drinking you should stay away from drinks like coffee and red wine which can both damage and stain your teeth.  

Look after your teeth and you can be sure that any dentist trip which you need to make will be problem free.

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