How to Make Your Store Hard to Steal From – John Bradberry

I have been spending a great deal of time recently with my colleague John Bradberry in a Charlotte shopping center, helping the residents there to better protect their stock. I was originally called in by an old friend of mine who runs a small store there and said that the level of theft was the worst that he’d ever seen since his time in North Carolina. So, after spending time with the residents of the mall, I thought that I’d share the same tips to you that I showed them in the hope that you too can make your store as difficult as possible to steal from. Whether you have a stall in the road or a shop in a mall, here is how to keep your products protected.

Customer Service

Believe it or not one of your most powerful deterrents against thieves in your shop is actually customer service. The last thing that a thief wants to see when they walk in somewhere with bad intentions, is to have someone greet them and give them a big smile asking what they can do to help them out.

Both you and your staff should already be offering great customer service of course but if you are able to catch people when they are on they way in, this will act as a great deterrent.


Making sure that you have enough staff on shift at all times is also highly important when you are trying to protect your shop and if you leave the shop floor empty then you are simply asking for problems with theft. Your staff should also be trained on watching out for the signs of someone who is committing theft and any concerns which they may have about anyone should be reported straight away.

Product Protection

If you have high value products in your store it will be important that you keep them away from any blind spots in the store and in actual fact it is best to keep them in either plain sight or locked away. It is well worth investing in product protection equipment for high value items and alarms, security stickers and electronic tags can act as both a great deterrent and a way of catching someone in the act.

Security Equipment

It is well worth investing in things like CCTV cameras and security guards if you are worried about theft and if you have high value items that you are looking to protect. This may seem like an expense now but in the long run it could save you a great amount of money on products lost. There is a wide range of security equipment that you can buy regardless of what kind of budget you have and it doesn’t always have to cost the earth to protect your store and the products inside it.

The key to reducing theft is to be smart and vigilant and not to be afraid of investing in security equipment which can help you out.

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