International Multicultural & Heritage Tourism Summit & Trade Show

The International Multicultural & Heritage Tourism Summit & Trade Show is a three-day event that broadly showcases the travel and tourism industry. 2018 marks the fifth year this tourism confab and trade show was held.

This conference and trade show is becoming one of the most acclaimed gatherings in the multicultural and heritage travel arena. Each year, the number of attendees has been increasing significantly. In addition, the number of presenters and exhibitors has also been on a marked increase since the first conference was held five years ago This trend is expected to continue into the future on all fronts. This gathering is quickly becoming the premiere conference on multicultural and heritage travel.

General Information About the International Multicultural & Heritage Tourism Summit & Trade Show

The International Multicultural & Heritage Tourism Summit & Trade Show is presented by The National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators & Developers (NABHOOD), the International Multicultural & Heritage Tourism Network (IMFITN), Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, Black Meetings & Tourism Magazine, and Horizons International Group.

The International Multicultural & Heritage Tourism Summit & Trade Show is organized to educate attendees on various aspects of the $90 billion multicultural and heritage travel market. The conference and trade show is organized to share minority travel trends. A primary focus of the confab and trade show is to learn how to market multicultural and heritage tourism. Those gathered at the convention and trade show seriously explore diversity issues that impact the travel industry in this day and age.

Travel industry experts report that multicultural and heritage tourism is the most rapidly growing segment of the tourism industry. This underscores one of the other objectives of the conference. The summit is designed to empower both rural and urban communities to become more self-sufficient through the development of more multicultural and heritage tourism opportunities.

Organizers of the summit and trade show report that researchers in the realm of multicultural and heritage tourism are encouraged to present on specific research topics as well as on current topical projects. Civic and governmental leaders are invited to the conference, as are top travel industry professionals. These industry leaders lead a variety of general sessions and workshops during the conference and trade show.

We encourage and invite researchers of Multicultural & Heritage Tourism to present specific research topics & projects at the Summit. National Leaders and top industry professionals will lead General Sessions and workshops that will spark discussion on the growing opportunities that exist in this segment.

Lodging and Accommodations

Since its inception five years ago, the International Multicultural & Heritage Tourism Summit & Trade Show has been held in Miami. The organizers of the conference advise that this will be the location into the future. Lodging for the conference is at this hotel property:

Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay

1633 North Bayshore Drive

Miami, Florida 33132

(305) 374-3900

(800) 228-9290

The hotel provides affordable room rates for conference attendees.

More Information

If you are in need of more information about the conference, you contact the planning team at:

(954) 792-2579

Through this email address and phone number, attendees can obtain any information they may require about the conference. In addition, businesses, individuals, and organizations that may wish to exhibit at the trade show can also obtain all relevant information. This includes information on exhibitor space rates and deadlines.

Finally, an individual interested in presenting at the conference in some manner can obtain instructions on how to make a presentation proposal to the planning team. The organizers welcome a wide range of presentation proposals that have a connection to multicultural and heritage travel.

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