Kids Coding and Tech camp launches in USA.

Level Up Kids, an engaging week-long day camp for seven to fifteen year old kids, focuses on teaching technological skills in a creative, kid-friendly learning environment. The camp is launching its continual learning summer sessions June to August with the choice of twelve innovative programs across twenty locations, including Robotics Camps and Coding Girls. Level Up Kids encourages the next generation of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Sheryl Sandberg while incorporating a balance of high-energy outdoor games and a variety of fun camp activities. Level Up Kids is rapidly expanding from one location in New Brunswick to twenty camps in locations across Canada, United States and Trinidad and Tobago.

We started Level Up Kids because we want our kids to have the freedom to work anywhere in the world and compete in a growing technological culture,” said Jeff Hughes, Founder of Level Up Kids. “I wanted to teach my own kids to code to help combat the skill gap and job gap. By 2020, there will be an estimated one million unfulfilled programming jobs in the US and Canada.

Level Up Kids’ unique programs teach vital skills including problem solving, abstract and quantitative reasoning, viable argument construction, mathematics modeling, strategic thinking, application of tools, precision and attention to detail. With twenty locations across Canada, Minnesota and Trinidad, children receive personalized instruction with a 10:1 student to instructor ratio.

To kick off the summer session, Jeff Hughes, founder of Level Up Kids, will be travelling across Canada and to Minneapolis to speak with media about the camps an offering and inside look into what kids will be learning.  Some cities and dates include: Moncton, Halifax, Saint John (May 11-12), Ottawa (May 15-16),  Hamilton and Toronto (May 17-18), Winnipeg (May 23-24), Edmonton (May 28-29), and Burnaby and Vancouver (May 30-31).  Date to Minneapolis TBD.

Level Up Kids’ twelve programs provide the opportunity for all levels of learning with innovative techniques such as Minecraft Adventure that teaches children (eight to eleven) spatial recognition and engineering principles through playing online games.

Game Design and Development is a more hands-on program which allows children to create their own animations. More technical programs like Robotics Camp, which will challenge children to use schematics to make and take home their own robot.

YouTube Camp and Host Your Own Minecraft Video Show teaches young adults between ten and fifteen to edit and record videos while building fan engagement on YouTube. For those children aspiring to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, Intro to Web Design and Startup Labs allow them to explore the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and create their own multi-page website with HTML and CSS.

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