London Travel Guide: how to plan a trip to remember

When you are seeking recommendations of where to go for your next getaway, you might get told London on many occasions – whether or not you are already in the UK. Indeed, London is among the planet’s most visited cities, says Lonely Planet.

However, there remain so many obscure implications of London travel that you could too easily get caught out if you fail to plan in advance. You can prevent many trip-ups if you heed these tips…

Avoid readying a London visit for July or August

While we wouldn’t pretend that London weather is entirely predictable, it’s also not so off-kilter that you might need to keep throwing your plans in the bin. Furthermore, as TripSavvy notes, the city’s major attractions are not affected by seasonal patterns.

Nonetheless, if you are eager to beat the crowds, avoid booking your trip for July or August. London tends to get a noticeably higher influx of visitors during these months, typically the year’s hottest.

avoid booking your trip for July or August. London tends to get a noticeably higher influx of visitors during these months, typically the year’s hottest.

Learn what public transport choices you would have

Once you are in London, you will have plenty of public transport options. However, by researching in advance how to use these options, you can save yourself time and money after your arrival.

For example, while you are free to choose between the city’s buses and Underground rail system, you could especially cheaply use both if you pick up an Oyster Card. HuffPost explains that this can be cheaper than buying tickets for individual journeys – and using the card just requires swiping it.

Choose your London accommodation wisely

If you don’t intend your London stay to last longer than a week, book your accommodation in central London. Otherwise, too much of your time could be spent simply travelling.

Given the customarily remarkable ease of getting around London via public transport, you don’t need to fret about exactly where in central London you stay. However, if you take comfort from a big name, selecting something like this Dorsett Hotel, City option in Aldgate could work out best.

Now you have free rein over where to go!

One of the advantages of choosing a central setting for your London hotel is that it is unlikely to matter exactly what your itinerary is like. From that hotel, you shouldn’t overly struggle to reach where you want to go. So, that leaves the question: where exactly should you go?

Naturally, it very much depends on your tastes. If you are a big history buff, we would particularly enthusiastically point you towards the Tower of London, where British monarchs including Elizabeth I and Edward V have been imprisoned. Many past rulers were laid to rest at Westminster Abbey, while notable museums worth visiting include the Victoria & Albert Museum and British Museum.

If you consider yourself more of a culture vulture, open your wings before flying to the West End, to which many major theatrical productions tour. For occasions when you would prefer peace and quiet, the greenery of Hampstead Heath and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park awaits.

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