Marc Hagins Explains what to Look for in an Interior Designer

Marc Hagins understands how overwhelming it can be to find an interior designer. There are so many people out there who claim to be the best of the best, that it is almost impossible to sift through them all. Yet, there are a few tips that you can follow to make sure that you will find a designer that you are happy with, and who you can trust with the look of your home.

The Difference Between a Designer and Decorator According to Marc Hagins

Firstly, it is important to understand the difference between a designer and a decorator. Designers are also known as stylists or consultants. They look at your home and come up with ideas that work. They choose colors, pick fabrics, place objects, and more. However, they do most of this on paper or through computerized programs. They then go through their thoughts with you and make changes to create the room you are looking for. The interior decorator, meanwhile, is the one who takes the designer’s idea and turns it into a reality. They paint, lay the floors, place the furniture, and hang your wall art. Good designers will provide you with two key consultations, which is one of the best way to recognize someone that you can trust with your home.

Color Consultation

Usually, when you hire an interior designer, they will first complete a color consultation with you. This will determine the color palette that is going to be used in the room. This isn’t about picking just one single color, however. It means choosing the base color, accent colors, and everything else on the spectrum that will look good with it. For instance, you could decide to go ultramodern, having a white room with a black feature wall and silver and glass accents.

It is important to work with a consultant when choosing colors, because this is where most people go wrong. For instance, at present, silver velour and sparkles is very high fashion. However, it is also quite an oppressive palette, which means it won’t work in a smaller room, unless there are some heavy accents of other colors. What a consultant will do, is determine the overall look you want to go for, and how much of that color should then be added. If you have a huge room, for instance, having gray and silver walls, with a sparkly silver velour couch will look great. If you have a small box room, however, the same setup will make it look as if you have entered a tiny silver cube.

Styling Consultation

The second consultation that you can expect from a good designer, is the styling consultation. This is where you will discuss the styles that you like, and whether or not those styles work with your color consultation. Sticking with the silver and grey color scheme, for instance, that would never work if you also want to have a classical, Renaissance look in your home.

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