Michael Briese Advises Buying Secondhand Rolex to Save Money

A lot of people would love nothing more than to own a Rolex. However, these watches really are very expensive and most people will never be able to purchase a new one. The alternative is to wear a replica, but that is actually illegal. Counterfeit models, no matter how close to the real deal they are, are always in breach of copyright. Thanks to email campaigns and Facebook selling pages, people almost forget that buying something that looks just like an established brand is not allowed, not even if it is called “Rollex” instead of “Rolex”, for instance. However, this does not mean that owning a designer watch is impossible. According to Michael Briese, you simply need to know how to purchase a secondhand model.

Michael Briese on Buying a Secondhand Rolex

If you don’t want to get busted in a counterfeit product heist, you need to make sure that you know how to tell the real deal from the not quite real ones. Sometimes, this is quite easy to do. A New York street vendor that has tables full of watches, for instance, is unlikely to sell a real watch. Of course, that is not to say that someone who seems genuine is any less fake.

You must make sure, however, that the price you have seen is not low just because it is a replica. One way to do that, is by making sure that you receive the certificate of authenticity with your purchase. If you buy from a selling platform like eBay, sellers will usually include this certificate with their listing, and you can then check with Rolex whether the serial numbers match. But do make sure that the seller has a good return policy in place, just in case the pictures did not do the watch itself justice.

It is generally best, therefore, to purchase a watch from an authentic seller, such as a jewelry store. Many jewelry stores also take jewelry in, and they will make sure that any product they accept is actually authentic. Pawn shops will do the same thing, making sure that anything they offer as being a Rolex is actually a Rolex.

How much you should pay for a Rolex varies. It will depend on how old it is and in what kind of condition it is as well. A real Rolex, unless it was truly treated very badly, should always look good. The sapphire crystal is virtually scratch proof and unbreakable, which means it should always look in as new condition. The strap, meanwhile, should also be in excellent condition, bar perhaps a little bit of looseness.

The top and bottom of it is, that if you see a watch that you believe could be a counterfeit, it probably is. Never would Rolex put its name to something that looks even slightly cheap or fake. Meanwhile, they are also proud of what they make, so it is generally quite easy to check with them to see if the item is genuine or not.

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