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My Top 5 Albums of All Time

I was asked recently by my friend Shahriar Ekbatani what my favorite albums of all time were, a question which has taken me just under a month getting an answer to. My buddy is an awesome photographer and regularly snaps shots of local bands for their album artwork. After shooting the breeze for a while he hit me with ‘What are your top 5 albums of all time’? After a great deal of consideration, here are the albums which I would have in my top 5.

Michael Jackson – Bad

The first album that I truly fell in love with was Michael Jackson’s Bad and there are few albums in the world that I could think of which have so many smash hits on them. From the opening of the title track through to songs like Just Good Friends, Man in the Mirror and of course the heart pumping Dirty Diana, there was no way that I could make this list without featuring this epic album from the King of Pop.

Nas – Illmatic

I have been a hip=hop lead for many years now and whilst I love so much of the music, there is still no album that has been released which could compare to New York rapper Nas’ debit album Illmatic. For me this album takes me back to my teenage years and it embodies the change which hip-hop was going through at the time from MCs getting the party jumping, to the emergence of papers telling street stories.

Alice in Chains – Dirt

If there was one scene in music that I would loved to have been a part of it would be the grunge scene and for me Alice in Chains will always be the greatest grunge band that existed. The album Dirt was Alice in Chains at their finest and as Layne Staley’s vocals rip through the stereo and Jerry Cantrell’s crunching guitar stomps through hit after hit, I cannot help but be transported to somewhere entirely different, Seattle in the late 80s.

Oasis – Definitely Maybe

The juggernaut that was Oasis dominated much of my teenage years and their debut album Definitely Maybe will be a record that is celebrated for many years to come. The follow up to Definitely Maybe got more credit than its predecessor but in terms of raw, working class spirit, the snarling vocals of Liam Gallagher singing his brother’s tales of woe and aspirations, will never become stale.

Stereophonics – Word Gets Around

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I know that I am alone in thinking that the Stereophonics are one of the greatest bands ever but each to their own right? The debit album from the Welsh rockers will resonate with anyone who came from a small town. Kelly Jones’ lyrics tell tales of characters and fables over the top of some grunge-meets-indie rock melodies. The rawness of this record is the result of the fact that the band are just a three piece and it makes my top 5 every day of the week.

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