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Enjoying Traveling with Your Pet on Amtrak

In recent years, the ability to bring certain pets onboard Amtrak has returned. For a good many years before this development, Amtrak passengers were not permitted to bring their pets onboard a train. All of that started to change with an experiment in 2014. The experiment permitting pets onboard Amtrak […]


The World’s 10 Most Amazing Cathedrals

Technically speaking, a cathedral is defined as the principle church in a diocese, the church at which the throne of the bishop, or of the religious leader of the diocese is located. Cathedrals are designated in the Catholic and Anglican Churches. In addition, Orthodox Churches also have cathedrals, or similarly […]


A Romantic Jaunt to the Indiana Dunes

Like many people in love, you may be looking for a unique, idyllic romantic trip you can take with your significant other. As you contemplate possible romantic trips, take a look at a jaunt to the magnificent Indiana Dunes. There are a number of reasons to consider a romantic holiday […]