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Planning Tips from Newlywed Couples

Your wedding day is supposed to be the most special day of your life – but you may be terrified that something will go awry, or that not every aspect of your nuptials will progress smoothly. Understandably, you will be anxious to ensure that every element of your ceremony and reception is just right.

However, you aren’t alone when you are planning your wedding.

Not only can you benefit from the assistance of suitably experienced staff when you select the right venue – such as the enchanting and luxurious Château Bouffémont – but there are also many couples who have gone through the process previously, and who will be able to put your mind at rest with their own advice.

It was with this in mind that we decided to bring together the following useful, inspiring and reassuring planning tips from various newlyweds quoted across the web.

Get through that to-do list as swiftly as possible

If you are planning well in advance, it can be tempting to believe you have plenty of time to sort out the larger and finer details alike. However, one couple referenced by Bridal Guide sounded a note of caution on this matter.

According to those newlyweds – Sarah and Andy – “the sooner you can get done with small things, the better, because the closer the wedding gets, the bigger the small tedious things tend to get. It will be the fastest year of your life.

“And as far as the wedding goes, make sure to stop during all of the hustle and bustle to enjoy yourselves.”

Don’t overcomplicate your wedding planning

While a fastidious and perfectionist approach to the organisation of your wedding is entirely understandable, many newlyweds would tell those set to tie the knot that it may be best to live by the motto ‘keep it simple, sweetie’.

As stated by one couple featured in an article on the WeddingWire website, “the wedding is about sharing your love with someone in front of your family and friends.” Along similar lines, Maloree and Sean were quoted in the same piece, telling readers that “a wedding is about your union, not your hostess abilities. Your dream wedding will be whatever wedding you end up with, if you’re marrying the person you love.”

Be clear about what you want – and don’t want

Are your friends and family who are assisting with your wedding planning empathetic to what you truly desire from your nuptials and the period leading up to the big day? Have you also communicated this clearly to them, or is there scope for misinterpretation?

Unfortunately, it seems the latter was the case for one would-be bride described in a Women’sHealth article as ‘Stacey G.’

She recalled: “I was so upset when my future sister-in-law stole me from my nice evening on the couch the night before my wedding. She thought it would be hysterical to have a stripper dude, alcohol, and goofy friends back at her apartment.

“I just wanted to focus on the romantic part of being married the night before my wedding. I did not want some random guy in a g-string pushing himself in my face to get a dollar bill in his crotch! It wasn’t a great way to start a marriage.”

Finally… give free reign to your creativity  

Perhaps the best note on which to end our swift tour of newlyweds’ planning advice is this one provided by Sarah and Kris, as also cited by Bridal Guide.

“No one knows your vision better than yourself so trust your own style and taste. This is your special day with your husband so make sure to enjoy it and soak up every moment. This will be one of the BEST days of your life, I promise.”

Could marriage at a chateau make that special day even finer? We shall leave that decision to you and your betrothed. Nonetheless, with its spectacular manicured French gardens, refined furnishings and aristocratic charm, few private venues can provide as stunning and rewarding a backdrop for one’s nuptials as Château Bouffémont.

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