The Most Popular Casino Games for Women

Gambling has been known for centuries and has not lost its popularity during this time. Whether young or old, many people love the unpredictability of gambling. Online casinos with games like Book of Ra are gaining popularity.

Gambling was a pure male domain for many years, but that has now changed. More and more women are trying their luck in gaming halls, betting, casinos and online casinos. Online casinos are increasingly popular. Meanwhile the proportion of female players is rising.

Which casino games do women prefer?


Watching players in a casino notice that most women are at the machines. So-called slot machines have always been very popular with women. This fact has led the manufacturers of these gaming machines to their own and especially on women-tailored games and machines on the market brought.  Online games with colorful colors like the game Book of Ra are used by women especially frequently.

Gaming machines are pure luck games and are therefore particularly exciting, unpredictable and exciting.


Poker is one, if not the most famous, gambling world. Poker is based on a combination of luck and tactics. By the bluffing one even with a bad card sheet the possibility to win. For many players, this is the attraction for poker. Final tournaments in poker tournaments are hardly imaginable without women. Often male players make the mistake of underestimating women in poker. This error is the women’s use. Surely one of the reasons why poker is so popular with women around the world.

Dice games

Dice Games are also very popular with women. If you believe latest statistics, a total of 6 out of 10 players at the dice table are female. Dice games are purely based on luck. With each throw the player’s hand can turn to a positive or a negative. This makes it particularly exciting and unpredictable.


Gambling games are becoming more and more popular among women, an end is not in sight for the time being. Particularly striking is that women in most cases prefer the anonymity of online casinos. They primarily play games based on luck rather than tactics such as  Book of Ra

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