Putting Your Heath First is Just Plain Smart

When you keep yourself fit, it pays real dividends. In fact, being fit can add as many as four years to your life. There are other benefits as well including, a significant reduction in disabling injuries and many of the maladies that affect so many of us who are not fit.

As we get older, we must pay additional attention to our fitness and good health, because a slight deviation from healthy can create the chance for serious health issues. So we all need a set of behaviors that guide us down a fit and healthy lifestyle road. One that takes into account our busy lifestyles but also forces us to change those habits that are not good for us too.

As we look at these beneficial behaviors we see that they are ones that for years, the experts have told us to adopt. Things like eating properly and getting regular exercise are at the top of the list and create the most benefits. We have heard these things before, but where do we begin when it all seems so far away from how we live now?

Your understanding of, and approach to these beneficial activities will certainly make all the difference. With this in mind, here are some notes regarding how to approach them.

Eating Right

Your diet is of course the number one area of focus for good health. What you eat creates who you are so eating right can make you either healthy or not. You should eat a balanced diet that consists of fats, carbohydrates and proteins in the right proportions and make sure that you get all of the proper nutrients and vitamins you need to have you body function optimally and to fight off things that can cause disease.


With our hectic schedules today causing us to eat on the go and grab whatever is available, we often do not get proper nutrition. This is why supplements are so valuable. They provide the needed but missing vitamins and minerals the body needs for good health. A great example of this is FINITIsupplements by Jeunesse Global. Taken daily, they contain a unique blend of fruit and vegetable extracts and delivers large doses of Astragalus Root Coenzyme Q10 Fucoidan Extract, Purslane Extract, and Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan, all of which support your adult stem cells, which are important in cellular renewal, and helps to maintain a healthy immune system. Supplements can be a great addition to your healthy eating plan.

Why is Exercise Important?

Exercise provides a host of benefits to those who engage in it regularly. It does not matter what type of exercise one participates in. Whether it is swimming, tennis, weight lifting, walking or aerobics, the goal is always the same for any good exercise program. Its aim is to get three things accomplished:

  • Flexibility – Flexibility is a very important part of exercise. Stretching helps avoid muscle strains and tears. One should spend fifteen minutes before any exercise stretching all parts of the body particularly the arms, neck, legs and back. Exercise activities including Yoga are great at helping you to get a good stretch.
  • Fitness – Fitness improves to the workings of the internal organs particularly the heat and lungs. Exercise should cause both organs to become healthier and allow then to fulfill their functions without great strain. When you tire yourself out, the body responds by creating more capacity and capability. A healthy heart works less to pump blood through your body and will be less at risk for a heart attack. So a good exercise program will have you out of breath and improving your fitness over time.
  • Strength – Muscle tone is very important because strong muscles allow you to carry your body around much easier. They also aid when you have to carry things. Finally they are a key factor in the workings of your body’s digestion and circulatory systems. You can build strength by lifting weights, or isometric exercises like push-ups. No matter what your choice of exercise is, the goal is to get those muscles toned and in shape.

Eating right and exercising is age-old advice and it is because it really works.

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