Review: Blue Apron

We have been using this new type of service Blue Apron which provides the food, ingredients and recipes for a set meal.

We decided to go for the three meals a week option which serves 2 people and costs $60 per week. Whilst this sounds like a lot and is quite expensive this service definitely takes the thinking away from cooking.

The service promises never to send the same recipe within a year.

Some of the highlights of the recipes received so far is Shitake Burger and Spaghetti Bologna. These were our favourite and ones which we will be creating again when we get time.

Blue Apron sends an insulated delivery with ice  inbox filled with exact portions of meats, fish, vegetables, cheeses, spices, nuts, sauces and anything else that is needed for that week’s recipes. It also includes recipe cards with step-by-step directions that makes it easy for not great chefs like myself.

The reason we are still customers of this great service is that we are used to eating the same meals over and over each week. We get comfortable each time in the supermarket and choose the same groceries all the time. With this we eat a varied diet and get 3 different meals every week. From couscous, to shlots, we are using and cooking food we only eat in restaurants.


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