Scrutinizing the benefits of the top email archive solutions

There are few things that are certain in life, but an increasing number of emails flying through mailboxes around the world is one of them. The rate at which emails are sent doesn’t look to be slowing down by any means – but this is prompting a whole host of problems.

With some users having tens of thousands of emails, spread across umpteen folders, the drawbacks don’t need to be documented. It results in a slow, buggy interface that’s just not efficient to use – and this can occur for every user across an entire organization. Enter email archiving.

Some of the top email archive solutions really do tackle this problem head on. We’re not talking about the in-the-box solutions which are embedded into the popular email clients, but rather specialized services which can really make archiving a modern and efficient process.

To highlight our point more, let’s take a look at just what sort of benefits an email archiving solution can bring to users.

The main benefit: storage

Let’s start with the main benefit that archiving solutions bring; storage. We might be in the 21st Century, but storage costs are still relatively expensive. When each user in a company has tens of thousands of emails in their inbox, it stands to reason that this is going to cost astronomical amounts to store.

With archiving, such costs are slimmed down emphatically. It’s understood that most archiving solutions can cut the file size by more than 50%, before saving the “remains” in the cloud. The result is a company system that utilizes much less space.

The speed considerations

The previous point links perfectly onto this. With more emails stored, comes the consequence of less speed available to the user. In other words, all that stored data is slowing the system down considerably.

This obviously has enormous implications from a productivity perspective. Waiting seconds to complete a simple search query for an email, or to even open one up from last month, isn’t something that any employee should have to take into account. Unfortunately, if there’s too much stored on the system, all of these slow-downs can occur which is why the archiving solution is so important.

Compliance becomes so much easier

Following on from some of the points we have looked at, one of the knock-on effects that was impacting companies was the fact that they had to delete emails in a bid to relieve their systems of space. The repercussions from a compliance perspective were huge.

Whether it was from an external legal perspective, or just in a bid to stick with internal policies, a lot of emails have to be kept. Unfortunately, with space at a premium, this is an issue which can be difficult to abide by.

Email archiving has solved this once and for all. Sure, the emails might not be stored directly in your system, but they can be obtained at a later date and this is all that most require.


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