The Best Summer Events To Attend

Spring is here and we are already planning for Summer, where we will be going and what to do. With so many major events, festivals, concerts and parties happening in Europe I have decided to give you the low down on the best ones to attend. These are the biggest events that if you get chance to go to then I fully recommend you do.


If you are in London in July then this is an event that shouldn’t be missed. Over 2 weeks the eyes of the tennis world are on Wimbledon. Even if you haven’t got a ticket to the main matches you can still queue up in the morning and watch from the screens inside the grounds. This is the oldest tennis competition in the world and attending is a great experience. Ladies can dress up nicely here, especially if you get hospitality tickets. Even if you are not a tennis fan, the chance to watch the best players in the world is amazing. With British player Andy Murray doing great the previous few years, this makes Wimbledon all the more exciting.

With British player Andy Murray doing great IN RECENT years, this makes  Wimbledon all the more exciting.

Royal Ascot

First on the list is one of my favourite events in the world, Royal Ascot. Every year over 5 days the town of Ascot is taken over by one of the biggest events in the United Kingdom. This is really an event where everyone can attend and have a great time. This major event has a strict dress code in which must be adhered to by everyone attending. For those of us that like to dress up in a beautiful dress and hat then this is the event for you. We recommend going on Ladies day, this takes place on the Thursday each year. Remember your umbrella though, even though it is in June, it often rains. An estimated £400 million will be gambled both on the course and off-course, visit this site for betting online.

For those of us that like to dress up, then Ascot is the event YOU SHOULD ATTEND THIS SUMMER.

Barclaycard British Summer Time Concerts

Each year in central London BBST hold concerts in Hyde Park for 70,000 people over 6 days. This year promises to be the best ever and there is a major concert for everyone. Our favourite Bruno Mars will be there this summer as well as The Cure, Roger Waters, Michael Buble and Eric Clapton. Most tickets are sold out but there are still some left via the official website. 

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