Tricks to Get The Best Deal on Hotel Rooms

Tricks for getting the best deal on a hotel room during your next holiday

If, like many people, you are already feeling blue about returning to work after Christmas and are yearning for a bit of escapism, you might have understandably already started browsing for hotel deals online, whether for right now or later in the year.

However, it is important not to allow your desperation to get away from the office to lead you to book the wrong hotel at the wrong price. Instead, follow our tips to ensure you get a great deal.

Leave it until late… if you’re relaxed about everything

This probably isn’t good advice for those who have a specific destination, hotel and date that they would like to target, especially when there is likely to be a high level of demand – for example, a London or Edinburgh hotel for New Year’s Eve.

If, however, you are relatively laid-back about the hotel and location that you end up booking for your break, you could land a very good deal by leaving it late.


By ‘late’, we’re thinking just a few weeks or even days before your arrival. However, the deepest discounts are often available in the final 24 hours prior to check-in. There is a balance to strike here, however – if certain accommodation is very sought-after, the occupancy rate may also be high enough for the hotel to decide to keep its prices up. This ‘last, last minute’ approach is therefore best tried at less popular times.

Target off-peak periods

Many factors influence the level of demand a given hotel experiences at a particular time. The most fashionable cities and resorts are naturally associated with higher prices, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a hefty discount in such locations if you choose the right season.

If you are looking for a discount on a big-city hotel during the summer, for instance, it’s a good idea to consider the accommodation in that city’s business district, especially on Saturdays when there aren’t likely to be many business travellers.

Simply opting for the obvious swanky hotels, situated in the middle of the most touristic areas of the city on a summer weekend, is a sure way to send your hotel bills soaring.

Use hotel booking portals and price comparison sites

Using a price comparison site almost seems like overly obvious advice. However, the simple fact that such a site brings together a list of hotels in one place makes it easy for you to determine which ones offer the best prices for the dates you are looking to spend in your chosen city.

Consider a leading site like Toprooms, for example. It couldn’t be easier to use this site to search for, say, the best cheap hotels in Blackpool, further narrowing down which ones are offering the most enticing discounts at the moment by selecting ‘Deals’ from the options in the ‘Sort’ drop-down box.

Simply by doing this, we found that one Blackpool accommodation option – Casa Seashell Guest House – was advertising prices as low as £9.

Would you like more advice on how you can enjoy more for less when booking a hotel for your next holiday? If so, you might be interested in The Sun’s article on how to secure a hotel upgrade on your upcoming break


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