Want to be a Success in Business? Here Are The Skills Which You’ll Need

Being an entrepreneur or a business leader is a highly sought after career choice amongst many young people after the successes of people such as Evan Spiegel, Mark Zuckerberg and many of the other young entrepreneurs who have emerged in recent years. In order to gain this level success however, you must first address the skills which you have and see if they can be used in this endeavour.

I spoke to David Giunta Newport Beach resident like myself and co-founder of a highly successful real estate development company to find out what it is that leaders such as himself possess, and what young people who want such a career will need.


Without question one of the most important skills which you will need is drive and the constant commitment to pushing forward for success. If you spend any time with a successful leader then you will see that in all aspects of their lives, they are heavily focussed and driven to achieving their goals. If you expect to find any success in business, you must be incredibly driven.


As a leader you have people who will look to you for inspiration and for motivation and you must be able to work with each one in a way that helps them to be the best that they can be. Being inspirational is not easy and you must do so in both your thoughts, words and you deeds. It is important that you are flexible too as different people require different types of inspiration.

Forward Thinking

What sets the very successful business people apart from the ‘also-rans’ is the ability to look forward and plan for the future, whilst maintaining focus on the present. Great leaders look head for gaps in the market, changes in trends and also to prepare themselves for any negatives which may be coming their way.


Great business leaders must be able to speak to a wide range different people and do so in a way that is clear and gets their message across. Communication skills are also about listening and knowing who to listen to and when is a hallmark of a great leader.

Personal Skills

The idea that successful business leaders are angry people who shout all day could not be further from the truth and in terms of gaining a leadership position and keeping one, you must be a great people-person.

Ability to Change

And finally, one of the single most important skills in the world of business from a leadership point of view, in the ability to move with the times. the general consensus in business is ‘innovate or die’ and so many businesses and business leaders have fallen foul of this in the past. If you want to not only be a business leader but also successful in your endeavors, you must be able to move as the times do.

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