Wellness interior design trends you need to know right now

You probably only have to look at the news to see why, for your home, it’s appealing to cultivate the feeling of a sanctuary. With the world often seeming like a scary and intimidating place, it’s nice to make your home feel like a peaceful and soothing retreat.

In fact, it’s even becoming a trend, as more and more millennials interested in self-care become homeowners, says Independent. So, how can the example of these young homeowners inspire you?

Turn more of your walls into windows

You would expect the UK editor of the interiors community site Houzz.co.uk to know a thing or two about making your home’s design more conducive to stress relief.

During a recent interview with The Telegraph, the woman herself, Victoria Harrison, was in her kitchen where a large window made her prized garden – rather than a wallpaper – a backdrop. “I find myself eating my Alpen at the sink, leaning closer and closer to the window,” she says.

One way of letting yourself see a greater amount of light and sumptuous rural scenery is having a long line of bifold doors fitted in your property. An experienced, specialist company might be able to do the actual fitting; for example, Bifold Shop can provide bifold doors in Gloucestershire.

Tap into the impact of colour

The next time you give parts of your home a new lick of paint, carefully consider which colour choices would most positively affect your mood.

For example, bold bright hues like turquoise and tangerine can energise a living room’s mood, Country Living points out. Meanwhile, green can enhance the restorative power of a bedroom or bathroom. If you have a home office, give that yellow accents to help foster your creative spirit.

Don’t say you can’t with a plant

Plants in the home aren’t a new trend; in fact, it was a particularly popular way of enhancing interiors in 2017. This shouldn’t be too surprising when you consider that houseplants have oxygenating benefits, but what exact types of plant should you choose this year?

While trailing ferns and tropical palms were “in” last year, it would be more 2018 for you to settle on more traditional botanical styles which you could bring with cushions, wall art and wallpaper, too.

Don’t leave unnecessary items cluttering your place

As time has passed, you might have kept hoarding particular items out of a belief that, at one point or another, you will surely use them again. However, researchers at the Los Angeles-based University of California found that women whose homes were untidy showed signs of more stress.

Hence, you have an interest in discarding items that you don’t genuinely need. Even just one vigorous, non-stop clean for 20 minutes a week can make you less anxious, distressed or depressed, according to research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Items you could particularly consider offloading include ill-fitting clothes, old phones and other tech gadgets, and school notes that now have only sentimental value for you.

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